The gap between the front teeth

The gap between the front teeth

Quite often there are people who have a gap between the teeth. This Scherbinka considered a sign of a strong and successful person. Many stars with a gap between the teeth successfully use the apparent lack of such as a personal highlight. Among the famous people of the gap between the teeth can boast Vanessa Paradis, Madonna, Brigitte Bardot, Alla Pugacheva.

Types of gaps between the teeth and their causes

In dentistry, this is known as a diastema. If there are gaps between all the teeth, rather than the front, they are called three. Every fifth person in the world there is a gap between the central upper teeth, so if you are the owner of such a phenomenon, then you have something to be proud of. However, many would be eliminated as a visible defect, considering it unaesthetic and spoiling the overall appearance.

The gap between the front teeth may be false and true. False called the gap between milk teeth, because it often happens that when you change the root milk teeth this disadvantage disappears without a trace. The gap between the front teeth is called the root of the true and can be corrected only with the help of a specialist. If you do decide to get rid of the diastema, the correction should begin to conduct as soon as possible, so it will pass unnoticed by most of you.

The reasons for the appearance of gaps between the teeth can be more: heredity, low located frenulum of the upper lip, a late change of milk teeth at the root, habit constantly gnaw different objects, such as pencils or pens, shapes and sizes anomaly lateral incisors or edentia teeth. In any case, over time the gap will increase the size, and moreover it can cause diseases of the oral cavity.

How to get rid of the gap between the teeth?

If you've decided that you need a perfectly flat front teeth without scherbinok, consult your dentist. Responsible approach to the selection of clinics and specialists, it is better if you can see the preliminary results of its work. Methods to eliminate multiple diastema, how to remove the gap between the teeth, the doctor will decide, he also will take into account your individual characteristics and guide the treatment session with the least discomfort.

The safest, but also the longest will be the orthodontic method. In this case, you will be installed braces and eventually defect persists and bite corrected. This method is more suited to children who have a replacement of milk teeth at the root occurred relatively recently. Pillow method involves the installation of special crowns or veneers.

The gap between the front teeth
The result is great, but do not forget that in this case your own teeth suffer for the sake of aesthetic appearance. Surgical intervention occurs if the source of the problem lies in the low-lying bridle of the upper lip. There is also a therapeutic method for eliminating diastema, otherwise referred to as "artistic restoration." In this case, a dentist in one session will escalate your teeth using composite veneers.

Should I remove the gap between the teeth?

The answer to this question can only give yourself. Some tend to like to leave as soon as possible with a defect, while others consider it a special feature, a symbol of luck and strength of character. Now you know how to get rid of the gap between the teeth, and is it really necessary to do this, help determine many photos of famous personalities, does not complex because of off-normal teeth. Looking at successful and attractive Madonna, you would not want to part with such a "highlight" as Shcherbinka between the front upper teeth.

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