Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser Teeth Whitening

You agree that communicate with friendly and smiling person fun. And if it is a snow-white smile, this dialogue is doubly pleased because her happy owners, as a rule, self-confident. And people who are convinced more sociable and easier to tie dating its attractiveness.

Unfortunately, not always smile, donated to us by nature, it falls under the definition of "Hollywood." The impact of negative factors alter the color of teeth is not the best.

These include:

  • tobacco tar;
  • tea and coffee;
  • blueberries and currants Aronia;
  • certain foods;
  • drugs containing tetracycline.

Today there is no problem to whiten your teeth. There are different methods, such as home, and teeth whitening in dental offices.

Is Teeth Whitening Harmful?

It is quite a controversial issue. Dentists recommended only in extreme cases to carry out this procedure. Since some types of weakening tooth whitening tooth enamel. Bleaching products contain peroxide are different, and it is clear that their impact on the structure of the enamel can not leave the consequences.

Modern methods are designed for soft effect. And experts say that if you do not abuse the whitening of teeth, it will not bring harm to it.

Clinical Teeth Whitening

The procedure is done in the dental clinic. Doctor shuts the mucous membrane of the mouth, then puts the special whitening gel. After 15 - 20 minutes, washed off means. After 3 - 4 times repeating this procedure, the bleaching process is completed.

Laser Teeth Whitening

The most expensive, but also the safest and most effective method is considered to laser teeth whitening. The procedure involves the coating composition particularly the teeth, which releases oxygen under the influence of the laser. This results in the bleaching. And with proper care in the future, the result will please you for many years.

After the teeth whitening can not drink coffee, chocolate, and other brightly colored foods and drinks.

The effects of teeth whitening

Side effects in the bleaching teeth at home:

  • getting on mucous, lightening gel may cause irritation;
  • teeth become sensitive to hot and cold.

Finding symptoms should stop the process of bleaching and consult a dentist. After completion of the whitening in the clinic can be increased susceptibility to hot and cold food. However using special toothpaste containing fluoride can be reduced.

Contraindications of laser teeth whitening

  1. Pregnant and nursing women the procedure is contraindicated. Persons under the age of 18 years, due to the optimal thickness is not formed dental tissues is not recommended laser teeth whitening.
  2. The components contained in the composition of the bleaching gel, can cause allergic reactions. Therefore, if you are hypersensitive to constituents funds should abandon bleaching. In diseases of the oral cavity, wearing braces from the procedure also better to abstain.
    Laser Teeth Whitening
  3. Council did not carry out the process of teeth whitening for a large number of seals, due to the fact that composites do not change their color. And if you are going to do the whitening procedure, after the need to re-seal teeth.

Naturally, before starting teeth whitening should visit a dentist to ensure that it is carried out sanitation of the oral cavity.

And if you have decided on this procedure, then of course better to use the services of professionals than to whiten your teeth with some means of their own.

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