Oral hygiene

Oral hygiene

Did you know that the smile of a woman makes it much more attractive to men than makeup? That this conclusion ended on a major study of the production of chewing gum, when 70% of respondents expressed a preference for broadly smiling woman. So, if you do not live somewhere in Vietnam, where it is still alive the tradition of black teeth, should take care that the white smile graced you as long as possible.

Let's find out what means the oral care you become assistants in this.

How to care for oral?

In this article, we will analyze in detail all the basic oral hygiene.

Shoe oral toothpaste

The prototype of toothpaste used in ancient Egypt - it was a mixture of wine and pumice.

Functions: Toothpastes are hygienic, preventive, curative and whitening. For constant care is to choose the first two options with regard to whitening toothpastes, many of them have a similar effect due to the high abrasiveness, thinner enamel, or contain hydrogen peroxide, are not recommended for frequent use. For daily use toothpaste should perform its main function: to clean the teeth from plaque and remnants write.

How to use: Apply on toothbrush toothpaste about 1cm (0.5 cm for children), brush your teeth for 3-5 minutes.

How often to use: morning and evening, and if it is possible - after each meal).

Use tools for mouthwash

Functions: mouthwashes help to get rid of food scraps (in confined spaces), prolong the therapeutic action of toothpaste and long freshens breath. Treatment balm mouth rinses, as well as the paste to help cope with various diseases of the teeth and gums (as an adjuvant).

How to use: type in the required number of mouth rinse (10-15 ml.), Carefully rinse your mouth for 30 seconds. If for some reason there was no special tools, and you do not know what to rinse the mouth, use plain water, add a few drops of tincture of mint.

How often used: after brushing, or in cases where there is no possibility to clean the teeth.

Processing oral special gel

Function: oral gel refers to drugs used to treat inflammation of the gums. Many of them contribute to the normalization of microflora, getting rid of bad breath and bleeding. Furthermore, there are tooth gels, firming enamel, due to saturation of its required elements (fluorine, calcium, etc.)

How to use: Set on the packaging for each agent. Medicines used for better coordination with the attending dentist you.

Frequency of use: courses.

Dental floss

Function: oral hygiene is primarily in the purification of plaque and food products. That dental floss is able to cope with the stuck bits of food, and also to remove plaque from the gum line.

Mode of application:

  • tear off the required number of dental floss (30-45 cm);
  • wrap most of it on the middle fingers, leaving about 3 cm for cleaning;
  • gently walk flossing between teeth, as well as around each tooth, each time the thread releasing clean surface.

Frequency of use: daily

Oral hygiene

Freshener Mouth

Functions identified in the title. Available in the form of a spray, at the right time, you can quickly "facilitate understanding of".

How to use: spray into the mouth of the balloon.

Frequency of use: at will

Now you know how to fully take care of the oral cavity. Take the example of the Chinese, who have even a national holiday there - the 20th of September they celebrate "Day of Love to their teeth."

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