Removal of vascular "stars" on the face of the laser

Removal of vascular "stars" on the face of the laser

Different ways to strengthen the blood vessels, including mesotherapy , massage and application of therapeutic compounds, are ineffective. They serve as a good prevention the appearance of telangiectasia, but to eliminate the existing defects can not. Therefore, dermatologists advise removal of vascular "stars" on the face of the laser. This method is not only effective, but also safe, as it does not damage the surrounding tissue, and does not violate the local circulation.

Is it possible to remove the vascular "stars" on the face of the laser?

The essence of the described procedure is targeted exposure to light, which emits a laser machine. Rays quickly heated areas to be treated, because of what the blood to clot, and the wall of the affected vessels are glued together. Subsequently, they completely dissolve.

Accordingly, completely remove the vascular "stars" on the face of the laser is possible. Moreover, this is the only way to permanently solve this problem in one or more sessions.

How is the treatment of vascular "stars" on the face of the laser?

There are several types of equipment with the help of which you are removing telangiectasias:

  1. Photo Sciton system. The device is used to eliminate the "wine stains" and the blood vessels of rosacea. Its advantage - 1 flash unit can handle a large area of skin.
  2. Diode laser. The device is only suitable for the treatment of venous damage "Veins" having a blue color.
  3. Neodymium laser. Multi purpose, additionally equipped with a cooling system that protects the skin from overheating and prevents burns. Removal of vascular "stars" neodymium laser is the most effective, since it can be used to cure any telangiectasia, regardless of their color, size and location.

After selecting the technology begins preparation for the procedure:

  1. Do not sunbathe for 2 weeks, even when you exit to the street to put on the face of sunscreen with an SPF of 35 units.
  2. Abandon visit bath or sauna, solarium.
  3. Avoid overheating of the skin.

In addition, it is important to check that there are no contraindications for the session:

  • systemic disease of the connective tissue;
  • epilepsy;
  • diabetes;
  • chronic diseases in the acute stage;
  • pregnancy, lactation;
  • acute infections and inflammatory diseases;
  • antibiotics and other drugs with photosensitizing capabilities;
  • tumors and precancerous conditions;
  • active treatment of skin disorders;
  • chemical peels, visit the solarium or natural lighting of less than 2 weeks ago;
  • propensity to scarring of tissue.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Cleansing, skin disinfection.
  2. Applying anesthetic cream (usually not required).
  3. Eye protection special glasses.
  4. Processing laser flashes relevant areas.

Small vessels with a diameter of 1 mm, are removed from the 1-th time. Larger telangiectasias require 2-6 events.

Consequences after the removal of vascular "stars" on the face of the laser

Immediately after irradiation, the skin on the treated area becomes red. Flushing is usually held their own for 1-2 days. In rare cases, the epidermis slightly burns, and on its surface formed crust. They can not pluck, for 2 weeks they will go. To accelerate this process can be, if applied Panthenol or Bepanten daily.

Other effects and adverse events considered

Removal of vascular "stars" on the face of the laser
technique does not. Only need to strictly adhere to the recommendations of a dermatologist and comply with treatment after laser treatment:

  1. Avoid staying in direct sunlight for 14 days.
  2. Refrain from intense physical exertion and work (2 weeks).
  3. Do not rub the treated area means comprising alcohol, at least 3 days.
  4. Do not go to the sauna, solarium and saunas month.
  5. Regularly use a cream with SPF.

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