Oils for dry skin

Oils for dry skin

Natural cosmetic oils for dry skin irreplaceable person. They are much softer and more efficient means of most expensive brand. In their structure - only natural ingredients, including a huge amount of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Which oil is best suited for dry skin?

Dry skin creates many problems of its owner. The constant feeling of tightness and flaking deliver discomfort and do not look very nice from an aesthetic point of view.

To avoid all these troubles, the fair sex are special moisturizers for dry skin or oils:

  1. Olive oil is very light and dry type of epidermis is ideal. It can be quite deep into the skin, thereby ensuring its long-term effect. Apply tool both in pure form or as part of self-made masks or creams, you can at least every day. And if you want - even leave for the night.
  2. Mango essential oil is ideal for dry skin. Furthermore intensive moistening, it accelerates the regenerative process. The tool also helps to heal wounds and can be used as lip balm.
  3. To eliminate peeling, just a compress with the oil of sandalwood and jojoba. These substances are so efficient that they can be used instead of special funds at chapping.
  4. As oils for very dry skin often use almond. Apply it can be every day. Doing it it is recommended to pre-peeled and steamed epidermis. The tool is so easy that it is allowed to rub even delicate skin around the eyes .
  5. As a preventive measure, and recommend the use of anti-aging Dog rose oil.

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