Combination skin

Combination skin

Combination skin is the most common type of the epidermis. Take care of it accounted for 80% of teens, nearly 50% of people under 25 years of age and about 15% of adults. According to statistics, with age oily epidermis can change and become normal.

Caring for combination skin type

In the mixed skin it combines two types: oily in the T-zone and dry or normal in the cheeks. A characteristic feature of it - the sebaceous glands are located unevenly. Therefore, in the T-zone subcutaneous fat is produced in much larger quantities.

To look good and prevent dermatological problems, holders combination skin care for her should be very carefully and correctly. Otherwise it is necessary to deal with the conspicuous black spots, dryness and peeling stronger.

At various times of the year related to the epidermis must be different. In the summer, for example, face combination skin should be treated as such oily: soft and easy to use creams, cleansing gels, scrubs and masks, which have anti-inflammatory effect. In winter it is recommended to make an impact on the means for dry-type epidermis.

At any time, you will come in handy Nourishing Night Cream. Use it every day, it is desirable. The fact is that during the night the sebaceous glands in the T-zone work actively, produced a lot of fat, which is why the skin on the cheeks may become rougher.

Cosmetic tonal basis, suitable for combination skin

Owners of mixed type of the epidermis is necessary to give preference to Drugs, which is composed of water, not fat. This foundation does not clog pores and will form an even layer. And that dry patches are not allocated, tonal resources to be confused with the usual day cream combination skin.

In the summer beauticians recommend to give preference to creams with SPF-level protection of six or four. In addition, attention should be paid to ensure that cosmetics were hypoallergenic .

Combination skin

Cleanser for combination skin

Carefully pick up and put cleansers. They must be effective, but moderately sensitive. After all, it is important to thoroughly clean oily areas, but do not dry up dry.

The best option of washing:

  1. Apply the gel, lotion or tonic to the skin with a thin layer.
  2. Gently massage the face with your fingertips for two to three minutes.
  3. Rinse with a sponge or cotton pad soaked in cool water.

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