Cucumber face mask for acne

Cucumber face mask for acne

The fight against acne - a problem that regularly have to face almost all the fair sex. Therapies hated bumps, spoiling the appearance, there are many. You can use expensive creams and ointments, pills and cosmetic procedures. And you can just make a cucumber face mask from acne . In cooking it will take more than a quarter of an hour, and the positive changes are already noticeable after the first procedure. In addition, the main ingredients for the recipe does not even have to go to the store - they probably already have in inventory!

Benefits of cucumber facial masks for acne

Regardless of the fact that you will add to the mask, it will be useful. All thanks to the unique composition of rich cucumber. The vegetable contains a lot of useful vitamins and minerals. Thanks to them, cucumber mask helps not only against acne, but also:

  • relieve inflammation;
  • smooth wrinkles;
  • have an antibacterial effect;
  • eliminating redness;
  • contribute to the early recovery of the epidermis;
  • normalize metabolic processes;
  • lighten skin.

Cucumber mask for acne suitable for owners of all types of skin. Another one of their huge advantage in hypoallergenic. Cucumber actively treats, without causing any harm to the body perfectly.

How to make cucumber mask effective against acne?

The simplest mask preparing for a couple of minutes. To do this, you need to wash the cucumber, peel it off the skin and cut into thin slices if necessary. Please lubricate the face juice, and then paste it on the slices. To conduct such a procedure can at least every day.

Recipe №1 - Cucumber mask of spots after acne


  • cucumber - 2 pcs .;
  • protein - 1 pc .;
  • almond oil - 2 drops.

Preparation and application

Protein shake up. Add to it all the other ingredients and mix well. This mask is suitable for oily skin. Make it should be every two to three days. Rinse agent - twenty minutes after application.

Recipe №2 - apple mask for acne

Cucumber face mask for acne
cucumber at home


  • cucumber - 1 pc .;
  • apple - 1 pc .;
  • protein - 1 pc .;
  • oat flour - 1 tbsp. l.

Preparation and application

Cucumber with apple grate or chop gently. Protein shake up and stir in the resulting slurry. There also add flour. All thoroughly and gently shake up and apply on face. Rinse off the mask is desirable to cool water.

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