Face mask with Dimexidum and solkoserilom

Face mask with Dimexidum and solkoserilom

Women have long used the available pharmaceutical preparations for cosmetic purposes. For example, a face mask and with Dimexidum solkoserilom recognized as an excellent alternative to the use of Botox injections for facial rejuvenation , elimination of existing and prevention of new wrinkles. Moreover, this procedure does not require special skills and is easily carried out at home.

Why rejuvenating face mask includes Dimexidum and Solkoseril?

The reasons for high efficiency and fast wrinkles after using the reporting tools are the properties of each ingredient.

Solkoseril based on an extract from the blood of dairy calves. It is rich in organic proteins, amino acids and vitamins. With this composition Solkoseril has wound-healing abilities, as activates collagen synthesis in cells, it fills them with oxygen and promotes tissue regeneration. Therefore, these properties are useful drug for cosmetic purposes, providing increased skin elasticity, wrinkle removal and correction of facial contour.

Dimexidum usually used as a vehicle. This solution enhances the penetration of chemical compounds, so they fall into the deeper layers of skin. In addition, Dimexidum has expressed antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action, eliminating the lesions, preventing bacterial contamination.

How to make a mask with Dimexidum and solkoserilom?

Before the procedure, it is important to thoroughly clean the skin, you can even use a soft peeling or scrub with fine particles. This frees the pores from dirt and facilitate the penetration of active ingredients.

Recipe mask wrinkle solkoserilom and Dimexidum


  • non-carbonated mineral water - 10 hours spoons;.
  • . Dimexidum - 1 tsp;
  • Solkoseril ointment - 1.5 tsp..

Preparation of the application

Face mask with Dimexidum and solkoserilom

Mix Dimexidum water. Soak a cotton pad with the obtained solution or a ball, gently rub it all over your face, avoiding the areas near the eyelids. After 1 minute, without waiting for drying liquid, ointment liberally apply Solkoseril evenly. It can be lubricated and the skin around the eyes. After a 1 hour wash composition slightly warm or cool water. Moisten face cream with a neutral composition, organic is better.

The total rate is 10 masks treatments with an interval of 48 hours. For wrinkle prevention can make a mask 1-2 a month.

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