Internal pimples on the chin

Internal pimples on the chin

Problem skin always requires gentle care and methodically, so agents must be selected carefully for washing. They must consist of natural ingredients. Internal pimples on the chin appear periodically, but if you do not eliminate the cause, can become companions throughout life.

Causes of internal acne on the chin

The first step in the treatment is always the definition of the root causes of acne:

  • blockage of the pores and glands that produce sebum;
  • violations in the hair follicle;
  • failure of the endocrine system;
  • bacteria on the skin due to violations of hygiene.

In fact, all the reasons are reduced to a violation of the sebaceous glands, and they, in turn, may occur due to poor quality of food with a high fat content.

How to get rid of internal acne on the chin?

From pharmaceutical methods of acne used aspirin dissolved in water. If you do not know how to get rid of internal pimple on his chin quickly, this way you just fine. Modern cosmetology recommends ozone therapy , elos-effective technology and other salon treatments.

If we talk about home methods, first of all, this:

  • a warm saline solution, which can be wiped his chin;
  • decoction of herbs;
  • lemon infusion;
  • white clay and others.

If it was not possible to understand why the chin, despite therapy, jump inside acne, reconsider their diet in favor of natural products, raw vegetables, cooked meat and fish. As carbohydrates, porridge is best suited. No need to eat fat, sweet, smoked, as well as eating at restaurants and fast food on the street. To face was clean, it is important to drink only purified water (not less than two liters per day). But the number of allergens and sweets should be kept to a minimum at all.

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