How to get rid of subcutaneous acne on the face?

How to get rid of subcutaneous acne on the face?

Subcutaneous spots on the face - the phenomenon is extremely unpleasant, and how often they would not be there, get rid of this problem, you always want in the shortest possible time. But in order to get through a certain period of time, they did not appear again, will have to eliminate the cause of their occurrence.

Causes of Acne

As a rule, a number of factors is behind the occurrence of acne:

  • hormonal failure ;
  • poor diet;
  • lack of hygiene;
  • improper skin care.

Even if pimples occur due to hormonal changes, food will also have to be adjusted in favor of natural. Drinking large amounts of fast carbohydrates, fatty foods and fast food provokes abundant sebum. It, in turn, entails plugging of the sebaceous glands, and then formed unpleasant inflammation and rash.

Treatment of subcutaneous acne on the face

Local treatment is reduced to drying and removal of inflammatory phenomena. The face should be washed using tar soap twice a day. In addition, for the treatment of subcutaneous white spots on the face are various ointments and talkers who make it possible to quickly get rid of both acne and the black points.

The best are the following tools:

  • Vishnevsky ointment;
  • salicylic acid ;
  • tincture of aloe on the water;
  • talker and others.

Remove subcutaneous acne on the face can be a neat way of extrusion, and visiting beautician. Of course, this alone is not recommended. But with each new pimple run too are not going to a specialist.

A diet helps to eliminate acne

True chosen subcutaneous treatment of acne on the face is always accompanied by proper nutrition: once you go to the natural food - get rid of the rash becomes much easier. So, the food should be as simple and understandable. any

How to get rid of subcutaneous acne on the face?
semi-finished products, fast food restaurants and cake shop should not be on the menu!

The main principle - healthy food prepared at home. For beautiful skin necessarily totally ruled out sweets and fats. Suffice it to their limit, and some just to change:

  1. Candy replace cube of dark chocolate.
  2. Sausage - boiled meat.
  3. Ice cream from milk to cook yourself.

We know quite a lot of cases, when a simple reorganization of the power yielded favorable results in a week.

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