Purulent pimples on the face

Purulent pimples on the face

From the condition of the skin depends not only on the quality of executed makeup and appearance, but also the mood of a woman, her self-confidence. Therefore, purulent acne on the face is the most difficult problem, because their fast cure is almost impossible. Important in the treatment of this disease - to find out its true cause and fix it.

Why the face appear purulent acne?

The most banal factors contributing to the appearance of lesions considered - the wrong skin care. Too frequent or, on the contrary, a rare face washing, self-squeezing pimples, use of aggressive hygiene products leads to the fact that in the epidermis starts to actively proliferate pathogenic microflora.

Other causes of purulent acne on the face:

  • hyperkeratosis ;
  • acne;
  • allergy;
  • exposure to stress and anxiety;
  • demodekoz;
  • hormonal disbalance.

How to get rid of the purulent acne on the face?

If the reason is wrong skin hygiene, used to change the makeup enough for the mechanical cleaning and to contact a professional in the salon.

The rest of these factors require a comprehensive approach.

Treatment of purulent acne on the face because of acne , hyperkeratosis, stress and hormonal penalties requires the following measures:

  1. Observe the low-carb, but balanced and fortified diet.
  2. Wash soft foams or gels without soap.
  3. Twice a day dot handle pimples special preparations - Zener, Duak, Baziron, salicylic-zinc paste, Differin, Skinoren.
  4. Visit beauty treatments - ozone therapy, cryotherapy, massage.
  5. Do acidic or chemical peels.
  6. Controlling hormones in accordance with the recommendations of a gynecologist-endocrinologist.
  7. Unsubscribe from alcohol and tobacco.
  8. Reduce the amount of applied makeup, buy only nekomedogennye funds.

How to treat purulent pimples on the face with demodicosis:

  1. Avoid sweets, limit flour products in the diet.
  2. Daily wipe the skin instead of washing with chlorhexidine antiseptic solution.
    Purulent pimples on the face
  3. Apply to the affected areas mash or emulsion containing medical sulfur.
  4. Visit a massage and cryotherapy eyelashes.
  5. Rub into eyelids Demazol cream.
  6. Regularly wash the eyes ophthalmic drops.
  7. Making anti-acne mask based on kaolin and natural tar.

Treatment of acne allergic nature is taking antihistamines. For a speedy resolution and drying purulent elements can be applied to them dotted zinc paste.

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