Tablets of acne on the face

Tablets of acne on the face

First of all, it should be understood that the causes of acne more. Some do not require medical intervention. For example, if the reason lies in the blockage of the sebaceous glands due to poor hygiene, enough to begin to properly care for the skin, choose the appropriate cosmetics for the face, balanced eating, and skin blemishes will be held.

But if a long time after the use of local funds not start to improve, be sure to consult a specialist, who will be able to identify the cause of the acne or acne and prescribe complex treatment with taking tablets as well.

What pills help acne and acne on the face?

Depending on the reasons for the formation of pimples and acne on the face apply these types of tablets:

  • antibiotics;
  • retinoids;
  • hormonal (birth control) drugs;
  • Tablets to cleanse the body;
  • tablets from subcutaneous mite;
  • brewer's yeast in the form of tablets.

To determine which pill you will have to drink from the acne on your face, you need to get tested, get tested. The doctor did not prescribe the drug only, but also to establish a strict dosage.

Antibacterial pill against acne on the face

If developed moderate or severe rash step, prescribed antibiotics for acne on the face in the form of tablets. Antibiotics kill bacteria, because of which there are pimples. Long-term treatment with antibiotics can badly affect the general state of the organism. From acne antibiotics such help:

  • chloramphenicol;
  • Erythromycin;
  • Metronidazole (Trichopolum);
  • tetracycline;
  • Doxycycline (JUnidoks Soljutab).

Retinoids Acne

This - a new generation of drugs. They effectively help in severe advanced cases, but take them to be very careful, because these pills have many side effects. Treatment should be carried out under the strict supervision of a physician. The most common is the drug Roaccutane. It normalizes the sweat glands, sebaceous glands decreases clearance restricts runningaway sebum and, therefore, pathogenic microbes become less active.

Hormonal birth control pills

These drugs are prescribed to women of acne on the face, if after analysis it was found out that they had elevated levels of testosterone - the male hormone, which was a prerequisite for the appearance of acne on the face. Among the most common drugs may be mentioned are:

  • Midian;
  • Janine;
  • Jess;
  • Yarina;
  • Diana.

These products are able to normalize hormones and sebaceous glands, as well as to regulate the allocation of secretion on the skin. When using hormone pills to get rid of acne on the face it is advisable to get advice from a gynecologist, endocrinologist and dermatologist.

Tablets to cleanse the body

These tools help to rid the body of toxins, pathogens, toxins, allergens, heavy metals, alcohol products decay, destroy bacteria by which appear unsightly pimples on the face. Furthermore, strong immune system is reduced. These include:

  • laktofiltrum;
  • Polipefan;
  • Activated carbon and its analogs (Karbopekt, Sorbeks);
  • Filtrum-STI.

Tablets of subcutaneous mite Demodex

Such prepapraty prescribed detection zhelezitsy Acne ( Demodex mites ). With this type lesions effectively kill the parasite such tablets:

  • Tablets of acne on the face
  • Trichopolum;
  • tinidazole;
  • Metronidazole.

Brewer's yeast in the form of tablets

Preparations with a natural compound is also often used successfully in the treatment of acne and acne on the face. The high content of various amino acids, vitamins (PP, B, D, E) and trace elements helps to cleanse the skin, normalization of the glands in the face, does not develop pathogens that cause problems with blood circulation. The disadvantage is considered that the patient begins to gain weight.

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