The rash on the forehead of an adult - Causes

The rash on the forehead of an adult - Causes

The man's face - it's the first thing you pay attention to the surrounding, and clear skin in many ways - the key to their location. And if the rash adolescent perceived quite calmly, rash on the forehead in the adult, where it often appears - a reason to be upset.

The main causes of the rash appears on the forehead of an adult

Small rash on the forehead of an adult is a result of the impact of a number of external and internal factors.

The external include:

  • properly caring for the skin, including the use of cosmetics is not the appropriate type of skin ;
  • insufficient cleaning of the skin, causing the sebaceous ducts become clogged and inflamed;
  • adverse natural factors, often cold and ultraviolet light.
Factors internal exposure

The most common cause, provoking the appearance of small scars on his forehead in the adult, it is considered a violation of the internal organs. This localization red rash on the forehead of an adult, you can judge whether a body is not functioning properly. For example:

  1. The central part of the forehead exposed to frequent eruptions in violation of the work of the small intestine.
  2. Pimples and redness on the left side of the forehead, as a rule, it means that properly operates the rectum.
  3. The rash and pigmentation in the upper half of the forehead indicates a functional disorder of the colon.
  4. Rash around the perimeter of the forehead (in the temporal part and along the hairline) indicates problems with the bladder.
  5. Inflamed acne on the temples - a sign of the functioning of the gallbladder disorders.
  6. Irritation in the region okolobrovnyh arcs warns about malfunction of the adrenal glands.

Often, acne on the forehead of adults appears in certain periods associated with the cardinal hormonal changes in the body. For women acne may occur during pregnancy, menopause, and sometimes during menstruation and postmenstrual period.

Eliminating rash

If rashes appear regularly, it requires consultation with a dermatologist or a qualified beautician. According to the results

The rash on the forehead of an adult - Causes
inspection and laboratory tests will be developed a comprehensive therapy aimed at addressing the root causes (treatment of internal diseases) and the elimination of external displays through the use of:

  • medicated creams;
  • ointments;
  • lotions ;
  • beauty masks;
  • special oil;
  • physiotherapy, etc.

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