Aevitum skin

Aevitum skin

Many women have long been accustomed to periodically take the capsules with vitamins A and E to maintain healthy digestive and endocrine systems. But few people apply Aevitum skin, although this inexpensive drug is able to transform it in a short time. Thanks to the natural polyunsaturated fats, the tool helps rejuvenation, wrinkles, deep nourishment and hydration.

Application Aevitum facial skin

Outdoor use of the described capsules is justified with such problems:

  • very dry and fading skin;
  • psoriasis ;
  • the presence of acne, post-acne;
  • dermatoses;
  • seborrhea.

Apply the tool can be in pure form. It is recommended to rub it in your face Aevitum light massage until then, until the oil mixture has been absorbed completely. The best time for the procedure - before going to bed, in the region of 22 hours, as it is from this period, the skin begins the process of renovation and restoration.

In addition, well-Aevitum enrich already finished cosmetics. Dermatologists recommend 2 options:

  • add 2 drops of vitamins in a night cream;
  • sequential application (first cosmetics, after 30 minutes the oil mixture).

You can also use Aevitum for facial skin in the form of domestic masks.

For example, this works fine rejuvenating and nourishing:

  1. Melt 1 teaspoon of thick honey.
  2. Mix it with the contents of 1 capsule vitamins and 1 teaspoon of olive oil.
  3. Apply the resulting solution to the skin, avoiding the area around the eyes.
  4. After 20 minutes, rinse with water.

At various dermatological problems (acne, irritation) recommended gadgets. Aevitum wet a piece of cotton pad and apply to the affected area for 15 minutes.

Also described is the preparation of an excellent basis for home facial scrub . Exfoliate dead skin cells and carry out light retinoic peeling, you can use the following tools:

  1. In half a teaspoon of oil mixture from the capsule Aevitum add a quarter teaspoon of finely ground organic coffee and a pinch of brown sugar.
    Aevitum skin
  2. Thoroughly rub ingredients.
  3. Very lightly, rinse with water to massage the face a couple of minutes.

Application Aevitum for the skin around the eyes

Many women speak positively about this very simple way to care for the delicate skin of the eyelids. To moisturize cells, saturate them with vitamins, you need to pierce the capsule Aevitum and squeezing a little bit oil, lubricate the area around their eyes.

Another method - mix product with almond oil in equal proportions and apply every night.

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