Face mask with lemon

Face mask with lemon

Masks for face from time to time make, probably, all the fair sex. Most of the ladies prefer salon tools, but there are those who make homemade face masks with lemon. Recent prepared very simply, and the effect of their use is practically no different from the result of the use of expensive brand-name masks.

The use of face masks with a lemon

Lemon part of the most effective means for the cosmetic faces. That however, is not surprising. This citrus - a real storehouse of vitamins and trace elements. Useful properties of lemon promote the production of collagen, anti-pigmentation spots, the normalization of the sebaceous glands.

Masks based on citrus can do almost all of the fair sex. Lemon suited to owners of oily and aged skin and is considered to be an indispensable tool for pimples and acne .

Bleaching, nutritional and health face mask with lemon

Recipes masks with lemon, there are many. Ingredients for the majority of them are already in your kitchen:

  1. Mix a teaspoon of lemon juice with a tablespoon of sour cream . Ready means spread gently over the skin of the face and draw a quarter of an hour in a fixed position. Rinse the mask with warm water.
  2. Face mask of honey and lemon helps acne. To prepare it, you will need a tablespoon of purified water, 40 drops of lemon juice and half a teaspoon of honey. Mix everything in a bowl and put one on the face 30 minutes.
  3. Grappling with acne and a mask of lemon and yogurt. For this recipe just a need a spoonful of yogurt and a few drops of juice. Making such a mask on a regular basis, of any inflammation will be forgotten once and for all.
  4. For face masks from the egg and lemon will need to separate the pair of egg yolks. Mix them with two tablespoons of sour cream and juice.
    Face mask with lemon
    The mask should be in the thick measure. On the face of it may be up to half an hour. To the effect of applying it was the maximum, it is desirable to wash off the mask tea brewing.
  5. Instead of clarifying facial mask with lemon, you can use a very simple recipe. Mix juice with purified water in equal proportions. Daily wipe the skin tonic obtained.
  6. Mask with yeast, milk and lemon juice is considered to be absolutely universal and suitable for all skin types. Mix the ingredients you need in about equal proportions. The resulting mixture should be thick enough to turn.

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