Red scaly patches on the face

Red scaly patches on the face

Red scaly patches on the face by themselves do not look aesthetically pleasing, but, in addition to education data can be a sign of serious illness.

Causes of red scaly patches on the face

If the skin on the face is shelled, and there were red spots, it is necessary as soon as possible to identify the cause of negative changes. After all, the skin defect can be associated with the physiological characteristics of the organism, and can testify to the development of disease. Here are the main reasons for the formation of spots:

  1. The spots often appear red on the dry and sensitive skin.
  2. Redness in the form of spots observed in the flushing as a result of physical exertion, stress state, increasing the temperature or blood pressure.
  3. The lack in their diet vitamins and minerals contributes to the emergence of the designated defect.
  4. A common cause red lesions - acne and rozetsea. Acne occurs when hormonal disorders.
  5. Periodically appear on the face of the red spots, which are shelled, are a sign of allergy. Increased reactivity observed for some food products, detergents, cosmetics, medicines and so on. Besides allergic reactions often occur due to exposure to environmental factors (sun, cold, pollen, etc.).
  6. In recent decades, it has received widespread atopic dermatitis - a skin disease provoking factor for which are stressful situations.
  7. Infectious diseases (measles, chicken pox, measles) symptomatically appear as rashes and reddish spots.
  8. In systemic lupus red - severe autoimmune disease, there are painless red spots, resembling a butterfly.
  9. Education on the body, and sometimes on the face, spots, accompanied by an increase in temperature and an increase in lymph nodes may indicate infection of AIDS.

Also, red spots on the face peel in diseases caused by parasites. It can be:

  • fungal infections;
  • demodicosis (infection of subcutaneous mite);
  • helminthiasis (worm infestation).

Treatment with red scaly patches on the face

In most cases, when a person is covered with red spots and peeling, to get rid of unpleasant symptoms can be using for the treatment of the skin:

  • antiseptic (chlorhexidine, boric alcohol, etc.);
  • creams based on calendula, chamomile, tea tree;
  • zinc ointment;
  • tar soap and creams on the basis of tar;
  • antibacterial ointments, creams, gels (Triderm, Metrogil etc.).

After setting the diagnosis specialist assigned appropriate therapy. The main methods of treatment are as follows:

  1. When vitamin deficiency is shown receiving multivitamin preparations.
  2. If allergy is recommended refusal of contact with the allergen and use of antihistamines drugs.
  3. When demodicosis appointed external skabietsidnye means fungal diseases - drugs, antifungals, with
    Red scaly patches on the face
    helminthiasis - drugs depending on the type of the parasite.
  4. Acne and rosacea require limiting sugary, starchy foods, alcohol, and fatty, fried and spicy food, hormones, antibiotics may be prescribed in severe cases. Temporary improvement gives chemical peels.
  5. Red systemic lupus is considered an incurable disease, so treatment is aimed primarily at improving the quality of life of the patient.
  6. When AIDS requires constant intake of prescribed medication and strict adherence to the recommendations of the expert.

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