Refreshing facial mask at home

Refreshing facial mask at home

Pets mask for the face - a breath of vitality. They help to quickly and effectively bring myself up. In fact, at home refreshing face mask to cook simple. Almost all of the necessary components are already in your kitchen. It remains to choose the most pleasant part of the mask.

Useful properties refreshing masks, cooked at home

Natural beauty means of preparing all that is at hand: fruits, vegetables, cereals. To challenge the benefits of pet masks does not take a single person, to try them.

Means made personally, nutrient addition, provide the following effects:

  • protective;
  • cleansing the pores ;
  • wound healing;
  • an anti-inflammatory;
  • anti-bacterial.

How to make a refreshing mask for the face?

The cooking process takes you a minimum of time and effort. Making homemade mask - a pleasure:

  1. Aroma mask with cinnamon and yogurt remember. Mix the ingredients, apply the slurry to the skin, remove a quarter of an hour, and get instant results.
  2. Refreshing facial mask at home can be made from ordinary mayonnaise and green tea. Stir teaspoon leaves with 75 g of mayonnaise using a mixer. Apply the mask to your face and neck and wash off after twenty minutes, moisten with warm water and mild skin cream.
  3. Extremely useful mask with herbs. Mix finely comminuted
    Refreshing facial mask at home
    chamomile leaves mother and stepmother, St. John's wort, wormwood, and fill them with three tablespoons of boiling water. After a few minutes, drain the infusion of the remaining pulp and apply on face.
  4. Cooking soup, too, can make a refreshing complexion mask at home. Rub a little beet, mix it with sour cream - means ready.
  5. Good reviews got a mask of parsley. Chop the leaves from the stalks and mix them with any dairy products.
  6. Owners pale skin appreciated cottage cheese with herbs mask. To prepare it you will need a dry mixture - hawthorn, shepherd's purse , dandelion - and a tablespoon of cheese. Before these herbs are filled with boiling water and infused for half an hour.
  7. Simple and delicious refreshing facial mask at home is derived from potato. Cook it in a uniform, clean and mash with milk. When the mixture has cooled a bit, hammer it yolk. Apply this mask on the face with a thick layer and washed off with warm water.

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