After tanning red face - what to do?

After tanning red face - what to do?

Stay in the sunroom often has a negative effect on the skin, especially if we neglect the means of protection and exceed the time spent in it. Let's see, what to do if, even with the regime, after tanning face becomes red. There are a number of factors leading to erosion, which, in addition to neglect the rules, include characteristics of the organism.

Why after tanning is a red face?

If you find after-sun skin redness, it is necessary to understand its causes. Most often, this indicates burns. They usually appear after prolonged stay in the solarium, in the absence of protective measures.

Red face after tanning is also a cause of allergies to ultraviolet light. In addition to changes in color, skin peeling and itching observed. This reaction occurs in response to the chemicals contained in drugs and cosmetics.

The reason that the flushed face after tanning, and are:

  • kidney disease, liver;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • skin problems.

What if I face flushed after tanning?

First of all it is important to ensure regular moisturizing. With this task well handle masks:

  • yogurt;
  • yogurt;
  • After tanning red face - what to do?
  • low-fat sour cream.

Cool the skin and relieve inflammation cucumber mask.

You can use the pharmacy agents against burns containing panthenol.

Effective against burns face poultice of honey and milk. The last component can be replaced by green tea. The fabric wetted in this mixture and put on the face.

If after tanning has deteriorated general condition, and the anesthetic does not work, then it's time to call the doctor. Since such a reaction to ultraviolet radiation may be a symptom of serious skin pathologies as dermatitis, eczema , or melanoma, is to determine the exact cause of facial redness can only dermatologist after the survey.

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