The mask of carrot acne

The mask of carrot acne

From acne and acne to fight hard, especially depressing when all means have already tried, but there are no results. This happens because it is important to eliminate the very cause of the rash, and not deal with pre-existing skin defects. One such reason is the lack of vitamin A. Due to his mask fill carrot acne helps no worse than the expensive procedures at the cosmetician.

Features of the application of carrot acne

Carrots are effective against acne due to the fact that the provitamin A, or carotene, which is a lot in its composition, stimulates metabolic processes in tissues. As a result, the pores quickly cleared, they are not going to sebum, which means nothing gets inflamed. The oxidation process slows down and gradually stop new lesions appear.

Healthy, beautiful skin is you only if you take care of that, so that the body gets enough nutrients and moisture. Carrots helps to keep fluid in the cells, so perfectly moisturizes the skin and hydrated skin is rarely a problem. You wonder why? As a rule, oily skin becomes so due to lack of moisture. Dehydration stimulates the production of sebum, to somehow protect the skin. Hence, any problems. Mask of carrots not only get rid of acne, but also make your face fresh and healthy.

Here are the main advantages of this tool:

  • skin gets all the necessary vitamins and minerals;
  • It increases blood circulation;
  • lighten pigmentation spots and freckles;
  • improves the complexion;
  • tan falls better;
  • reduces oiliness of the skin;
  • narrowing the pores ;
  • pimples disappear.

Recipe mask of carrot facial acne

Behind the mask is taken from carrots 2-3 large, washed and peeled carrots, grated on a fine grater. Various components can be added to the database:

  • The mask of carrot acne
  • oat flakes;
  • sour cream;
  • egg yolk;
  • honey;
  • cucumber;
  • lemon juice;
  • aloe juice.

The most popular recipe includes equal parts of carrot mass, low-fat sour cream and chopped in a coffee grinder oat flakes. The mask should be put on face with a thick layer and wash 20-30 minutes.

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