The mask of "Hercules" for the face

The mask of "Hercules" for the face

Rolled oats have long been known as one of the most useful products for a complete and balanced diet, as well as dietary intake. But they have gained popularity and as a cosmetic product, especially in this form as a mask for the face of the "Hercules". It is perfect for absolutely all types of skin, helps fight with aging, inflammatory elements and normalize the activity of sebaceous glands.

Masks for rejuvenation with "Hercules"

The most effective are those recipes which contain anti-oxidants, such as a mask on the basis of green tea:

  1. Brew drink in the conventional proportions (half a teaspoon of tea leaves per cup of boiling water).
  2. Pour hot green (preferably leaf) tea 30 grams or 2 tablespoons of oatmeal. First, they can crush or grind.
  3. When the mass acquires the consistency of thick cream and cooled, apply it on the entire skin surface, a little rub.
  4. After 15-25 minutes, remove the tool.

Another effective mask recipe from "Hercules" of wrinkles :

  1. The small amount of boiling water steamed fine oatmeal.
  2. In warm thick, but the mucous mush, add 1 egg yolk in its raw form, a tablespoon of chopped flesh melon, avocado, apricot and persimmon, and 1 tablespoon of natural white (unfiltered) beers.
  3. Thoroughly mix the components, apply on face and hold on the skin for exactly 15 minutes.
  4. Wash first with warm and then cool running water.

The mask of "Hercules" and honey for all skin types

It is known that honey is a unique product that works selectively - moisturizes dry skin, with excess fat and normalizes the production of secretions, and also provides additional power cells. Therefore, provided the mask is suitable for women with any type of skin:

  1. Grind cereals into flour.
  2. Mix the resulting raw material (2 tablespoons) with 3 tablespoons whole milk, 1 tablespoon of any vegetable oil and 8 ml (half a tablespoon) of liquid honey.
  3. Carefully put this weight on your face and massage.
  4. After 20 minutes, rinse the mask sufficient volume of warm water.

Masks from from "Hercules" acne

Oatmeal is also an excellent sorbent and anti-inflammatory that helps relieve irritation, stop

The mask of "Hercules" for the face
the spread of acne and narrow the pores .

Recipe mask:

  1. A tablespoon (about 15 g) of flakes mixed with a raw egg protein, and a little less than 1 teaspoon freshly squeezed lemon juice.
  2. Hold the weight in problem areas for 14-15 minutes, wash with cool water without cosmetics.

There is a simpler version of the preparation of a mask - just mix oatmeal with boiling water, and then use the resulting mess is similar in the form of heat.

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