Nourishing Facial Mask

Nourishing Facial Mask

Particularly gentle and always being in the spotlight facial skin requires special care - more closely and intimately. Nutrient natural facial masks - what you need to any girl, girl and woman. Even a perfectly healthy and happy ladies from time to time to make a pleasant tonic and nourishing mask will be useful. The main thing - to choose the most suitable and effective prescription.

When to do a hydrating mask for the face?

Skin care should be permanent. With the help of well-chosen mask can moisturize the skin, tone, clean, filled with vitamins. medical masks do too often is not recommended. But preventive procedures can be carried out year-round. Especially actually use face masks in the following cases:

  1. Most conventional nutritional and vitamin mask for the face should be done in the winter-spring period. At this time the body is weakened, which primarily affects the state of the epidermis. The nutritional and vitamin mask contribute to the fact that the skin will look good regardless of the season.
  2. Do cleansing and hydrating mask should be the people in close contact with harmful substances.
  3. Skin always feels and reacts negatively to bad mood, stress, over-voltage, depression. Because of problems in the nervous system of the skin begins to peel off, and shows the irritation and acne . Output from the depressed face mask, of course, will not be able, but with the goal to improve the condition of the skin on the right of all two hundred.

Funds for the procedure can be bought at any drugstore or specialty store, but actually cook nutritious, anti-aging, cleansing mask for the face can be easily at home. Most of the recipes are very accessible and easy. Ingredients for their preparation are always handy in any home.

Recipes best nourishing masks for the face

Choose the most suitable mask will be possible only after several experiments. Fortunately, there is something to experiment. Here are the most popular and well-established recipes for nourishing masks for the face:

  1. The easiest way - to put on the skin mush of fresh berries and fruits. It is advisable to choose foods posochnee, but if necessary, the mask can be diluted with milk.
  2. To prepare this nutritious homemade face masks require a minimum of time: the cucumbers cleaned for some meals, do not throw away the skins, and for a few minutes, put on your face. If desired, instead of the skins can take a few thin rings of cucumber.
  3. For dry skin, in summer you can prepare a mask of plums. Fruit peeled melon mix with pulp and any vegetable oil. Apply to skin means such a quarter of an hour, and after wash off first with warm and then cold water.
  4. Owners of oily skin is the best fit the mask from the eggs with lemon. Protein is whipped to a foam and mixed with the juice of half a lemon. Add a pinch of salt in a mask and apply on the face.
    Nourishing Facial Mask
  5. Cool natural nourishing facial mask - sauerkraut. Minced cabbage, mix with one protein, and a tablespoon of flour and mix thoroughly. Fifteen minutes after application rinse with a damp cloth.
  6. For combination skin mask a beneficial effect of a night cream with grated apple. The components are mixed thoroughly and applied to the skin on the quarter hour. Washed off the mask with warm water.
  7. Another nutritional moisturizing facial mask made from egg yolk. Mash and mix it with a tablespoon of heavy cream until foaming.

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