Apricot oil for face

Apricot oil for face

All natural oils are useful and beneficial effect on health. It is no exception and apricot kernel oil - it benefits the person recognized beauticians from all over the world. It acts very gently, gently and very efficiently. A main advantage of the apricot oil can be considered its versatility - it fits perfectly for all skin types.

Useful properties of apricot kernel oil for the skin

The secret of apricot kernel oil - in its unique, rich in vitamins, minerals and beneficial acids composition. On the beneficial properties of the oil, provided that the composition can be a very long time to say:

  1. Means perfectly nourishes, softens and moisturizes. After using the creams and masks based on apricot kernel oil stops unpleasant peeling.
  2. Trace elements contribute to the early synthesis of collagen, making the skin becomes more elastic and pleasant to the touch.
  3. The tool has a powerful antibacterial and antiseptic effect, so that it can be safely used on problematic skin.
  4. After application of apricot kernel oil for facial skin rejuvenated. Moreover, the tool helps smooth out even the deepest wrinkles. Although, of course, the time it would take a lot.
  5. Oil significantly improves the complexion and good skin tones.

Application apricot kernel oil for the face

It's nice to say that the contraindications to the use of apricot kernel oil does not exist. Cosmetic means on the basis of this oil can be used for both adults and for children's skin. In addition, they are ideal for everyday use.

Another huge plus for the face based on apricot kernel oil - in their affordability. They easily can be prepared and used in the home, the main thing - to have available their main ingredient. Use apricot kernel oil can be different:

  1. Beauticians recommend to use the tool instead of cleansing tonic for the face. To effect was maximum, a little heated oil is recommended.
  2. On the basis of apricot kernel oil is made effective medical compresses.
  3. And, of course, it means added to the composition of many masks, scrubs and creams for the face.

In fact, just a mask for the face - pure apricot oil. It just needs to be applied to the skin in a thin layer and leave for some time (an hour should be enough to head). After that, the mask can be removed with a damp cloth or rinse with warm running water.

Other effective cosmetics based on apricot kernel oil for the face prepared for such recipes:

  1. To make a nourishing mask for the face and dcollet in 25 ml of pure apricot add a few drops of any other essential oil and heat on a water bath to 37 degrees. Dampen a cheesecloth and place the mixture on your skin. Leave open the eyes, mouth and nose. Top cover with gauze polyethylene or parchment and wrap a warm towel. Twenty minutes later, remove the mask and wash yourself with warm
    Apricot oil for face
    running water.
  2. Use apricot oil for oily skin as part of oatmeal mask. Add a tablespoon of milk, melted butter and honey in podroblennye flakes. Mix a quarter of an hour and put on the face.
  3. For combination skin mask fit of oil peach and apricot, mixed in a ratio of one to one. The same mixture is perfect for quick and wiping.
  4. Another good mask for the skin of the apricot kernel oil - with milk semolina, egg yolk and honey.

In addition, the oil improves the condition of the skin, it has a positive effect on the eyelashes, which means after use become thicker, longer and healthier.

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