acne vulgaris

acne vulgaris

Acne vulgaris (acne), delivering a lot of trouble, can significantly spoil your mood and even put in a depression. Therefore it is very important how to resolve this problem once and for all as soon as possible. To do this is to know the reasons for the appearance of acne, to understand what methods are best to choose for their treatment.

Causes of acne vulgaris

It is said that vulgaris and acne rosacea - it's not quite the same thing. The most common acne vulgaris appear in adolescence and are associated with a violation of the sebaceous glands or problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Provoke purulent inflammation of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles may be the following:

  • staphylococcal infection;
  • Gastrointestinal diseases;
  • violation of the endocrine system functions;
  • excessive use of sweet, fatty, spicy;
  • corticosteroids;
  • intolerance bromine and iodine;
  • heredity;
  • bad habits, such as smoking;
  • poor hygiene;
  • puberty.

How to treat acne vulgaris?

It should be noted that the process of getting rid of acne is quite long lasting and may include several stages. The main thing in the treatment of acne vulgaris - is to reduce the production of sebum, negate the inflammation and the formation of comedones.

So, the main stages of the treatment of acne:

  • purification from impurities;
  • deep facial cleaning ( chemical peels );
  • Processing cosmetic lotions;
  • podsushivayuschee mask;
  • changes in supply;
  • receiving immunomodulators;
  • antibiotics, depending on the complexity of the disease;
  • the use of special ointments and vitamins;
  • mud applications or paraffin;
  • darsonvalization.

If severe enough, or the severity of the acne facial acne vulgaris specialist may prescribe the following medications:

  • tetracycline;
  • Minocycline;
  • Erythromycin.

Cosmetologists often recommend to undergo facial cleaning, for example, using a steam bath. But there is already listen to the advice of a specialist, because not every case could allow the use of deep cleaning.

How to cure acne vulgaris using the popular recipes?

Produce special means for wiping the face can be independently thanks to the many popular recipes. It can be lotions, lotions or compresses. It is very important regular facials. Only then can we talk about the result.

Recipe №1:

  1. One tablespoon of calendula flowers tincture diluted a half cup of water.
  2. Moisten a cotton pad and apply on problem areas, periodically wetting the fresh solution.
  3. The duration of this procedure at least 30 minutes.

It is best to use warm solution. The course of such applications should make 20-25 days. Moreover, in the first half of the treatment procedures should be performed every day, and then - in a day.

Recipe №2:

  1. Well moisten a cotton pad alcohol tincture of propolis and apply to places affected by acne.
  2. Do it best for the night and the morning remove the remnants of propolis with
    acne vulgaris
    using lotion for oily skin.
  3. Thus it is necessary to use this infusion and for internal use by 25-30 drops three times a day.

Well help various concoctions of herbs, such as:

  • sage;
  • chamomile;
  • St. John's wort;
  • rosemary.

An excellent means of considered and aloe juice , which should be applied at night after washing or cleansing the face with the help of steam baths. This aloe is a good immunomodulator, which is also recommended to be taken orally.

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