Treatment of acne on the face

Treatment of acne on the face

The problem faced by many women for acne, but some suffer torment from it only in adolescence, while others have to struggle with this cosmetic defect, and in adulthood. However, not all women, even the long-term suffering from rashes on the face, know how to treat them, so that the result was an efficient and long-lasting. It is understood that in order to solve this problem requires a comprehensive approach, and the treatment must take into account the type of acne and triggers.

Treatment of purulent acne on the face

Purulent pimples are common, appearing as a result of blockage and inflammation of the sebaceous glands in the skin. It can be caused due to improper skin care, cosmetic use of substandard assets, as well as numerous internal reasons - different bugs in the body and diseases. It is important in this case to find out the exact cause of this type of lesions, as without its removal to get rid of skin problems is difficult.

Some experts in the treatment of acne on the face determine the possible causes of their occurrence, in the zones separating the localization of lesions. Thus, it is believed that a rash on the forehead appear more often at diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, on the chin - as a result of gynecological abnormalities, and the perpetrators of acne on the cheeks often are respiratory diseases. After the diagnosis of the body, you can identify the cause of the pathology, after the removal of which the skin cleansed.

For the treatment of acne on the face experts may recommend antibiotics (local and systemic), hormones and other drugs. Individually for each patient selected scheme of home skin care, which is appointed by a number of means:

  • creams;
  • lotions;
  • cleanser, etc.

Good results show many salon treatment of purulent acne, including:

  • mechanical cleaning of the skin;
  • chemical peels;
  • microdermabrasion ;
  • laser therapy.

Treatment of acne on his face in the home can be supplemented by numerous folk remedies.

Treatment of pink spots on the face

Pink acne or rosacea , have another mechanism of occurrence associated with vascular disease, and appear more often in people older than 25 years. The exact causes of this disease are not yet able to find out, and experts allocate a number of predisposing factors, among which:

  • excessive overcooling or overheating of the skin;
  • exposure to the sun;
  • proximity of blood vessels in the skin and sensitivity;
  • alcohol and so on.

In the treatment of rosacea prescribers, strengthen the walls of blood vessels of the skin and stabilize the autonomic nervous system, antibiotics and antiseptics, local steroids, after removal of acute inflammation may be recommended techniques such as electricity, camera or laser coagulation, allowing to get rid of the affected vessels .

Treatment of allergic acne on the face

Allergic pimples on the face, often accompanied by itching and swelling may occur due to the impact of food allergens, cosmetic components, pollen, house dust, animal fur, etc. It is important in the treatment of this type

Treatment of acne on the face
acne primarily to identify and eliminate allergen contact with them.

Drug therapy in this case may be based on reception of antihistamines, corticosteroids, intestinal sorbents include skin moisturizing agents, reduce inflammation and prevent additional bacterial flora.

It should also be remembered that, regardless of the form of pimples on the face, successful treatment is impossible without observance of a healthy diet, drinking regime, adequate physical activity, giving up bad habits.

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