Cryo face with liquid nitrogen

Cryo face with liquid nitrogen

Exposure to low temperatures on the skin can do wonders. If it is taken by professionals, the result will not take long. Cryo face with liquid nitrogen - a cosmetic procedure that is effective at any age. Your skin will glow with youth and health!

What is the Cryomassage skin with liquid nitrogen?

Cryo liquid nitrogen affects the deeper layers of the dermis, like chemical peels, but it is much less traumatic for the skin. We are accustomed to associate with the liquid nitrogen method of removing warts, warts, scars. This substance is actually able to cope even with significant shortcomings, but during cryomassage direct skin contact with liquid nitrogen does not occur, because the cosmetic procedure is painless and comfortable. If you do not have contraindications, everything will go smoothly! With cryomassage can solve the following problems:

  • acne ;
  • wrinkles;
  • loss of skin tone;
  • bad complexion;
  • dark spots;
  • freckles;
  • scars;
  • closed comedones and podkozhniki;
  • hair loss.

Contraindications cryomassage face with liquid nitrogen

You contraindicated Cryomassage face, neck, hands and scalp, if in the recent past you had the flu, suffered a viral sore throat, or other infectious diseases. It is impossible to carry out the procedure during infection with herpes zoster and in the presence of inflammation in the skin.

Also not recommended Cryomassage during pregnancy and lactation, anemia, epilepsy, atherosclerosis. One of the main contraindications acts as an allergy to cold - Cryomassage rosacea can cause sudden aggravation. Not everyone dares do Cryomassage beautician and rosacea - the likelihood of harm in this case is higher than the intended benefits.

For whom is suitable Cryomassage nitrogen?

Due to the fact that as a result of exposure to cold start cell regeneration processes and improves metabolism, Cryomassage multiplies the effect of creams and masks. Vitamins and minerals, as well as other active ingredients, quickly penetrate the skin, so the effect occurs much faster. Due to strong anti-inflammatory properties and disinfecting effect, Cryomassage great help for acne or closed comedones. It removes the very cause rashes, reduces the oiliness of the skin and normalizes the sebaceous glands.

It is equally well suited Cryomassage and mature skin. It helps to smooth out wrinkles, good fights fading. Regain youthfulness without surgery it is possible, it is sufficient to only 2 times a year to pass cryomassage course.

By the way, if you still decide to radical measures, the procedure for the impact of the cold you will also come in handy. Cryo nitrogen perfectly struggling with edema, and therefore is one of the components of postoperative care with the plastic face and neck. Plastic surgeons have noted that Cryomassage allows you to quickly and effectively eliminate swelling, bruising and inflammation, as well as

Cryo face with liquid nitrogen
significantly accelerates the healing process.

Cryo relates to affordable cosmetic products, but do not forget that for maximum effect two or three procedures is not enough. Usually cryomassage course includes 12-15 sessions. Each of these lasts for 5 to 10 minutes, depending on how large area of exposure. This procedure is best suited for the face and neck, but it can be ordered and Cryomassage other parts of the body. For example - the scalp. This is a great chance to stop hair loss, enhance their growth and give the hair a natural volume.

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