Masks for combination skin

Masks for combination skin

Combination skin face inherent, usually adolescents during puberty (about 80%). But any hormonal changes in the body, even a mature woman can provoke the appearance of problem areas. It is distinguished by a combination of two types of skin : oily (chin area, forehead and nose) and dry the rest of the face.

How do you recognize combination skin?

Define this type of skin is very simple:

  1. It is enough to press the paper towel to the face for 5-10 seconds.
  2. Removing tissue, you can see the printed space with more oily skin.

Mixing skin types and requires the use of various means to care for her - this factor should be taken into account in the preparation of domestic masks for combination skin.

Purifying Mask for Combination Skin

Pink or black clay are excellent for use as a self-mask, and as one of the constituents. To use the clay diluted with lukewarm water and apply for 15 minutes on the face and then wash off. To enhance the effect of the water can be replaced by herbal extract made from chamomile, calendula or St. John's wort.

Yeast mask can be applied to the entire surface of the face with a mixed skin for effective cleansing: in the fatty parts of the mask reduces the inflammatory manifestations, and exerts its moisturizing effect on dry skin. Prepare and apply a cleansing mask for combination skin, you can:

  1. We need to take 1-2 teaspoons of compressed yeast and 2-3 teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide.
  2. Further components of the mask are mixed to a thick cream.
  3. To use the mask should be put on the face for 20 minutes massage. After time wash with mineral water and apply a light moisturizer.

Hydrating mask for combination skin

For her, you will need:

  • 2 tbsp grated peach;
  • 1 tbsp sour cream or olive oil;
  • 2-3 grape.


  1. Mix the peach and sour cream and apply on the cheeks, neck and temples.
  2. Winograd wipe the shiny areas.
  3. After waiting 15 minutes, the mask should be washed off with warm water or broth chamomile.
  4. Following is recommended to apply a light moisturizer.
Masks for combination skin

Fruit acids contained in grapes, podsushat and help relieve inflammation in the oily skin, and the combination of cream and peach - well moisturizes dry skin.

Moisturizes and saturates vitamins effect has a mask of sea buckthorn :

  1. For mask just soaked gauze juice berries.
  2. Then cover with a damp face gauze, easily pressed against the skin for 15-20 minutes.

In addition to moisturizing, this mask tones, whitens and removes local inflammation.

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