Brown spots on the forehead - causes

Brown spots on the forehead - causes

The beauty of the skin and attractive appearance is very dependent on the uniformity of color face. Therefore it is necessary to begin treatment immediately and take the necessary steps, if there were spots on the forehead - causes disease often signal a major fault in the internal organs.

Why are there dark spots on the forehead?

One of the factors causing the phenomenon in question, considered to be hereditary. Spot may not be a violation of skin pigmentation, but simply genetically determined abnormality.

Just a few reasons why the observed darkening of the epidermis:

  • traces of previously received burns and other mechanical or chemical damage;
  • use aggressive means to cleanse the skin with abrasive particles;
  • bowel disease, tendency to constipation;
  • deficiency of vitamins (B, E, A);
  • pregnancy;
  • age category;
  • hormonal changes, a sharp imbalance of androgens and estrogens;
  • menopausal syndrome .

Causes of brown spots on the forehead

Described shade areas with hyperpigmentation is observed in diseases of the liver, kidneys and gallbladder. Inflammatory processes in these organs or violation of their operation affects the local skin immunity, leading to the appearance of a yellowish-brown spot with clear boundaries and rim.

Moreover, this symptom occurs due to deterioration of the outflow of bile and its stagnation in the gallbladder and its ducts. In such a situation in the skin accumulates high concentrations of toxic poisons, provoking persistent and extensive violations of pigmentation.

The spots on his forehead from the sun

Very common factor contributing anomaly occurrence is ultraviolet radiation. In moderate

Brown spots on the forehead - causes
Dosage is even good for the skin, as it strengthens local immunity, stimulates the production of vitamin D. Too long stay under the scorching sun, especially during lunch hours, negatively affects the state of the epidermis. Ultraviolet light affects the pigmenting cells - melanocytes, with excess reaction produces too much melanin and tan falls stained yellow or reddish.

It should be noted that the pathology due to exposure to the sun increases, if a person simultaneously receives certain types of antibiotics, such as clindamycin and Sumamed .

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