Pimples on the chin - the reason

Pimples on the chin - the reason

There is a whole theory that regular acne rash on a certain place, are ill-projection of a visceral organ. For example:

  1. Acne on the cheeks can occur in disorders of the pancreas, liver, or lungs.
  2. Pimples on the forehead indicate problems with the intestines and slagging of the body;
  3. Pimples, located on the wings of the nose, on the signal light violations in the cardiovascular system.
  4. The cause of acne on the lower jaw and chin can be a problem with hormones and genitalia.

Scientific substantiation of this theory no, but if you are concerned about persistent rash on one and the same place, you should pay more attention to the condition of the body.

The cause of acne in the chin

The cause of the internal acne on the chin can be a violation of the hormonal balance in the body. These pimples are painful when pressed, inside there is a seal - cystic formation containing pus. While Canadian scientists have shown that genital diseases (particularly ovarian) is not associated with the appearance of acne on the chin, yet is tested for the ratio of hormones.

The cause of purulent acne on the chin, basically, is a violation of of the gastrointestinal tract. Power on the go, plenty of soft drinks, coffee, fatty foods - all this provokes a malfunction of the digestive system, which may not affect the appearance.

Allergic skin reactions to cosmetics or incorrectly picked up by means of facial skin care products can cause small pimples on the chin.

In addition, the important reason for the appearance of painful pimples on the chin can become habits such as:

  • constant contact with the person hands;
  • frequent and long conversations on the phone (create a favorable environment for bacteria).
Treatment of acne on the chin

If your test results are normal and the cause of acne is known, it is possible to start treatment. Typically, it includes:

  1. Adjustment of power. It is a little time off, or if possible to reduce consumption, strong tea and coffee. The diet should prevail fresh vegetables and fruits, which provide the body in fiber, which facilitates intestinal function. Fat meat, smoked - can be replaced with white meat and fish.
  2. The use of drugs (ointments and gels) for external use. Hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine suitable for disinfecting and drying festering sores. Eating vitamin complex helps activate the immune system.
  3. Visiting a cosmetologist. Professional treatment will accelerate the process of getting rid of the inflammation and improve skin condition in general. For the treatment of acne is well suited ozone therapy procedures, laser peels, mesotherapy.
    Pimples on the chin - the reason
  4. The use of home remedies for face. The masks and lotions made from natural products have a positive effect on the skin.
Errors in the treatment of acne

Here are some of the most popular missteps in the fight against acne, which should be avoided:

  1. The main and most common mistake is independent squeezing acne formations.
  2. Using scrubs in the field of inflammation will contribute to the spread of the disease and the appearance of new ones.
  3. Careless use of medicines for the treatment of acne often leads to a deterioration of the situation.

Before applying ointments and gels for external application should consult a doctor - a dermatologist and cosmetologist. It is important that these funds are right for your skin type .

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