Jessner Peeling

Jessner Peeling

One of the most popular ways of cleaning the face is peeling Jessner, which is a controlled burn of the skin to exfoliate the top layer and stimulate its renewal process. The procedure is used for improving the skin relief, anti-pigmentation and dilated pores, and to rejuvenate and remove wrinkles of different depths.

Ingredients peeling Jessner

During the procedure, the mixture is applied to the face of the three components:

  1. Salicylic acid acts as a solvent of fat, and therefore, getting deep into pores, removes excess sebum, reduces inflammation, increases exfoliation of dead skin cells and has a bacteriostatic effect.
  2. Lactic acid activates collagen synthesis process, which is responsible for skin elasticity. Also, this ingredient has a soothing, moisturizing and regenerating effect, ie - accelerates the formation of new cells.
  3. Resorcinol is used in the treatment of dermatological disorders, as it disinfects the skin and promotes exfoliation of the stratum corneum.

Apply makeup Jessner peeling face in several stages, depending on the objectives pursued.

Stages peeling

This method of facial cleansing involves three components of the degree of penetration into the skin:

Superficial peels

It is used to lighten the skin, removing the top layer of dead skin cells, narrowing the pores. The epidermis is burned to the granular layer, and complete healing process takes just a couple of days.

Median peeling Jessner

It is effective in the fight against pigment spots, flat warts, scars and fine wrinkles. It affects the skin tissue to defeat the dermal layer and heals burns at least one and a half weeks.

Deep peels

It is used for the correction of wrinkles, facelift and struggle with deep pockets of pigmentation. Skin burns up to the middle of the reticular dermis, and wound healing takes about 2 - 4 weeks.

The procedure of chemical peeling Jessner

The skin does not require the preliminary preparation for such cleaning.

A superficial peeling composition is applied in a single layer, with a median - in two, with a deep - in three or four layers.

In the first case, the skin is slightly shelled further 2 - 3 days. This procedure is not dangerous, and you have the necessary ingredients can be carried Jessner peels at home, after consultation with your beautician.

After a median penetration of the composition into the skin is marked burning, marked redness. Deep peeling leaves a dry crust of the face, which should fall off itself after a few weeks.

Care after peeling Jessner

During the entire period of healing of the skin after the burn can not use cosmetics in addition to moisturizing cream, which must be approved by a beautician. It contraindicated exposure to the sun, and if this can not be avoided, it should be applied to the skin cream with protection against UV rays.

Peeling process can not be forced, and the crust - removed because this can lead to scarring. Wash lightly acidulated water.

The consequences of the median and deep peels Jessner significantly spoil the appearance in the rehabilitation period, because you need to think about the way of life over the next few weeks and does not expect at this time of critical events.

Chemical cleaning of the face in this way is relevant when:

  • pigmentation;
  • dilated pores ;
  • acne;
  • banners;
  • Jessner Peeling
  • sagging skin;
  • fine wrinkles;
  • uneven skin texture.

Abandon the procedure should be at:

  • herpes;
  • any inflammation of the skin;
  • allergic to salicylic or lactic acid;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • rosacea;
  • elevated body temperature.

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