Subcutaneous pimples on the face

Subcutaneous pimples on the face

Of the many types of acne on the skin of the most unpleasant and painful subcutaneous are the white spots on the face. In addition, they represent a serious cosmetology, aesthetic and medical problem, it is difficult to get rid of them completely. Why are there subcutaneous acne and how to treat them, talk on.

How are subcutaneous pimples?

The most common subcutaneous pimples appear on the chin, cheeks and forehead. These formations can be in the form of a little red to a rather large inflamed seals, solid to the touch and very painful. Unlike regular acne, acne subcutaneous ripen very long - up to several weeks.

Causes of subcutaneous acne on the face

Subcutaneous pimples appear due to violation of the outflow of sebum and clogging of the sebaceous gland excretory duct. As a result, in the subcutaneous layer begins to accumulate pus, with no way out, and thus form large cysts and internal components. Cutaneous bacterial microflora activates inflammatory processes, as a result of which there are painful red lumps or swelling.

Blockage sebaceous glands which leads to the formation of subcutaneous inflammations can occur for various reasons:

  • poor hygiene and improper skin care;
  • hormonal disorders in the body;
  • increased activity of pathogenic microflora of the skin;
  • poor diet;
  • problems with the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, and others.

Find out the exact cause of subcutaneous acne on the face can be turned to a dermatologist or beautician, and passed a number of necessary surveys.

Subcutaneous spot - how to get rid?

If you intend to self-treat subcutaneous pimples, should be extremely cautious. In no event it is impossible to open such pimples at home, because it threatens the appearance of atrophic scars and dark spots from which then very difficult to get rid of. In addition, when there is insufficient compliance with the rules of disinfection, the infection can spread deeper into neighboring tissue, which provokes the appearance of new foci of inflammation. There are cases where squeezing subcutaneous acne led to the appearance of boils and abscesses.

Therefore, it is best to seek professional help, and if this is not possible, you should follow these guidelines in the treatment of subcutaneous acne:

  1. Ensuring proper hygiene of the affected areas of the skin, treatment with antiseptics.
  2. Revision of the diet (with the exception of sweet, smoked, fat, acute).
  3. Rejection of cosmetics, leading to pore plugging.

Home remedies for acne subcutaneous

For pulling pus can apply ihtiolovaya ointment , cream or ointment Vishnevsky Levomekol. To do this:

  1. Coat the affected area is one of the means.
  2. On top cover with a piece of gauze and seal the plaster.
  3. This wrap is better to do at night.

To speed up the ripening process of subcutaneous pimple and disinfection can be applied to the inflamed area aloe leaf (cut), fixing his tape.

Subcutaneous pimples on the face

A good remedy for acne are lotions subcutaneous saline. To do this:

  1. Dissolve two tablespoons of salt in a glass of the boiled water.
  2. Cool slightly and apply to the affected area a cotton swab dipped in the resulting solution.
  3. This procedure must be repeated several times a day.

Excellent results are obtained by rubbing subcutaneous acne alcohol tincture of propolis. You can apply for a few minutes cotton wool soaked in the vehicle, to the affected area of the skin.

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