Comedones - treatment

Comedones - treatment

Comedones - complicated name and a simple well-known to many problems. They are the same - small pimples, they do - those black dots, from which eliminate actively advertised face creams. It is believed that this problem is more concerned with young people, but the fact remains that adults also often have to deal with blackheads. What kind of trouble and how to treat it, describe below.

Features and framework for treatment of comedones on the face

Most often comedones occur on oily skin. This is - the accumulation of fat in the hair follicles. There are two basic varieties of comedones: closed and open. The accumulation of fat in the pores underneath the skin - closed comedones. But when the fat pellet falls into the open air, it is oxidized and changes color, becoming a black dot or open comedones.

To remove blackheads, fit quite simple and affordable treatment. The main thing - do not take on too much. Before the start of the treatment course it is best to consult a beautician who will be able to determine the most appropriate means.

The main methods of treatment and prevention of comedones are as follows:

  1. Face cleaning with mechanical methods. This procedure is suitable only for the removal of blackheads, but closed comedones treated in such a way is not recommended. Otherwise, small pimples can become inflamed and significantly increase in size, rather than to disappear.
  2. Cosmetics: scrubs, peels, creams and gels. They are sold in any drugstore. Buy them can be available without a prescription. Of course, the most effective are considered more expensive means of well-known manufacturers.
  3. Sometimes subcutaneous comedones can be treated only with antibiotics. Experts prescribe medication drugs when the problem is hidden inside the body.
  4. To prevent nasty pimples and blackheads , you need to carefully take care of the person. Make-up should be washed off before going to bed, the problem areas need more attention.

Features of treatment of comedones at home

Comedones - treatment

Of course, to remove the comedones not have to go to a beauty salon, there are alternative methods of treatment:

  1. At least once a week to do a mask and use gentle scrubs.
  2. During warmer months, it is better not to use powders and creams.
  3. Do not use cheap makeup.
  4. Eat healthy and balanced.

In the treatment of closed comedones on the face in any case impossible to press them - it will only aggravate the situation.

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