Removing swelling from the face?

Removing swelling from the face?

Swelling of the face - it is an unpleasant symptom, which in most cases does not signal a serious health hazard.

Often all they experienced this state, when a person has a puffy appearance - this may be due to excess fluid in the body, hormonal disorders, or due to injury. Accordingly, the method of getting rid of swelling depends on what it is called, and then we look at the most common causes of this symptom, as well as tell you what to do if a person is swollen.

Removing swelling from the face after an injury?

When tissue injury first reaction is a swelling in the damaged area. This is due to the fact that in the damaged tissues occurs outflow fluid (lymph, tissue fluid, blood), and therefore there is a little swelling, which increases during the first hours after injury.

To remove the swelling from the face, you must:

  1. First attach anything to cool the injury site. The best option - ice or a metal object, placed for 1 minute in the freezer.
  2. Then, after cooling compress, place of injury be treated troksevazin. The tool has a venous and decongestant action. This helps not only to remove the swelling, but also reduce the manifestation of the effects of stroke - a bruise.

Lioton gel will also help remove the swelling, but it is more conducive to the prevention of bruising and swelling does not decrease.

Another gel which is intended for treating the skin after injury - Dolobene gel. This tool is also how and Lioton gel helps prevent bruising and anti-inflammatory effect.

How to remove the allergic swelling from the face?

Allergic swelling of the face may occur when angioedema . This is a dangerous symptom, because the process can affect the throat, and in this case there is a possibility of choking.

It is necessary urgently to inject antihistamine - suprastin. If swelling persists, then the necessary expert assistance - in some cases is a dropper with glucocorticosteroids (eg, prednisone).

You can also use anti-allergic ointment which largely soothes itching and swelling does not eliminate - ftorokort, flutsinar.

At constant swelling of the face shows a bowel cleansing using sorbents - Liferana, Enterosgelya.

Diprospan used only under medical supervision, and is shown in severe cases of urgency.

How to remove the swelling on the face after the surgery?

After surgery, the swelling may remain for a long time, and the expense can be measured in time, not days and months.

To speed up the regeneration process is shown carried out physiotherapy.

Also for the removal of edema in this case is shown Maalavit drug that belongs to naturopathic group. It is used topically in the form of compresses several times a day.

How to treat swelling of the face with the excess fluid in the body?

If the swelling is caused by excessive fluid intake or salty foods, in this case it is recommended to take a one-time diuretic - Diakarb. Always use diuretics should not be, because it can lead to disruption of the heart.

If swelling of the face unknown cause, in this case it is better to take a neutral homeopathic medicine - Limfomiozot. It improves lymph flow, and it can help relieve edema.

Removing swelling from the face?

How to quickly remove the swelling from the face?

Quickly remove the swelling from the face, if not the cause of allergies and not a bruise, you can use a diuretic. This is the easiest and fastest way to get rid of the problem.

How to remove facial edema hypothyroidism?

With hypothyroidism, one of the main symptoms is facial puffiness. To eliminate this, it is necessary to normalize the hormonal balance - none of these funds will not help fix the problem symptom of hypothyroidism is hormone balance and metabolism is restored.

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