Corn Bunting on the face

Corn Bunting on the face

Apart from the usual acne accompanied by inflammation of the skin, there are so-called whiteheads or whitehead. The people of such a defect is called the Corn Bunting - on the face of the spots most often located on the cheeks and eyelids.

Why Corn Bunting appear on the face?

Whiteheads - a clogged sebaceous duct. He, unlike the conventional comedones (black dots), has no access to the outside, because the sebum accumulates under the skin and is illuminated to form white kernel of a round or oval shape size of 1 - 2 mm. Usually, they are never more than a pinhead.

Removing Corn Bunting on the face carried only in order to conceal skin flaw - whitehead themselves are not dangerous, they do not hurt and did not become inflamed.

Reasons for Corn Bunting appears on the face, are diverse:

  • food with excess fat;
  • lack of face peeling , leading to blockage of the skin;
  • Use foundation and powder, which leads to blockage of the ducts;
  • the use of comedogenic cosmetics (gels for washing, milk, etc.);
  • the effect of ultraviolet rays;
  • fat stagnation due to changes in the consistency of secretions.

How to remove pigeon grass on his face?

Immediately it is worth noting that to get rid of facial zhirovichka very difficult at home. If it has appeared recently, you can try to squeeze out the contents, observing sterility:

  1. Needles pierce the skin and remove lump completely secret.
  2. The wound is treated with antiseptic and sprinkle talcum powder.

When Corn Bunting face arranged in bulk, get rid of, as experience shows, from such a defect helps mask concoctions :

  1. The skin is cleaned, steamed on the tray with chamomile.
  2. bodyagi powder (sold in pharmacies) is mixed with hydrogen peroxide and 3% dot composition is applied to whiteheads.
  3. The skin begins to tingle - that feeling will have to wait 15 minutes
  4. Then wash off the mask.

Face after concoctions will be red. To soothe the skin,

Corn Bunting on the face
it needs to be talcum powder. Use creams and can not go out in the sun until the redness does not go away. Thereafter, the upper layer of the epidermis starts to peel off, and together with the dead cells disappear whitehead.

Salon treatments and prevention

Alternative home treatment Corn Bunting on the face - interior cleaning of the skin. To talc did not appear again, it is important to take good care of the face and watch your diet. Multiple whitehead can signal an incorrect metabolism, gastrointestinal disorders and gall bladder.

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