Mask of apples for the face

Mask of apples for the face

In the struggle for a beautiful skin all good, especially when they are made from natural ingredients.

Apple in cosmetology used in every one: and vinegar on the basis of his diet, and pulp for skin beauty. Let's learn how to make the face smooth and white with such a tasty and healthy fruit, like an apple.

The apple good for the skin?

Scientists have recently found that the apple - is a powerful anti-aging agent, which is able to ward off aging and prevent cancer.

The fact that in the apple contains natural antioxidants, which are created to control the nature of health.

Also, we all know for sure that the green apples contain a lot of iron and vitamin C, which positively affect the skin turgor and increase its resistance to the appearance of wrinkles .

Mask of apples for acne

Face mask with honey apple is useful to those who fight against acne. The main advantages of masks - the presence of antiseptic components, iron and vitamin C.

Mask of apples and honey to make a very simple:

  1. Grate the apple with the peel and pulp mix with 3 tablespoons crystallized honey.
  2. The resulting dough is put on a cleansed face for 10 minutes.

Its effectiveness would be higher, if the pre-steam the skin of the face and make a mask based on clay , the pores are well cleaned from dust and dead cells.

If you wish to nourish the skin, then add in the mask 1 egg yolk.

Mask of apples against wrinkles, improves complexion

Mask of apples with milk helps aging skin. Its main advantages - a large content of calcium, iron and vitamin C:

  1. Take a green apple and chop on a grater with peel. It is desirable that the apple was solid - it says that it does not lay for a long time. A good indicator of fresh and healthy apple - rapid darkening of the pulp.
  2. After grinding to a gruel add milk and let stand for 15-20 minutes.
    Mask of apples for the face
  3. Then apply the pulp on your face and secure the mask cling film, pre-measurement of the patch and make holes for the eyes, mouth and nose. The film is necessary in order to keep the slurry on the face and create the effect of "parks".
  4. To enhance the properties of the mask, put a face for 5 minutes under par - it can be a container of hot water, but be careful to avoid being stung. The heat expands the pores, the skin is softened, and the useful components better penetrate into the dermis.

The total mask should not keep more than 10-15 minutes depending on the sensations.

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