Acne on the forehead - causes

Acne on the forehead - causes

Every girl wants to look in the mirror, to see not just a happy face, but clean and well-groomed skin. However, sometimes it happens that much effort is not attached, the result is still - the opposite: small pimples and scattered on the forehead! To cope with this, a foundation is not enough - you need to determine the cause.

If you suddenly appeared pimples on the forehead, the causes can be very different - from an allergic reaction to a wrong way of life in general. The most popular time of such sudden rash acts adolescence: at this time the body is rebuilt on a different "mode" relationship and hormone levels change, and skin on the face respond the appearance of pimples.

Acne on the forehead - causes of

The causes of acne on his forehead lie not only in the external, but also internal factors. Moreover, the underlying cause is often the interior. So, our way of life, nutrition, our immune system and health directly affects the condition of our skin. When negative processes, deviations skin can react formation of acne, acne , rash.

A common reason for the appearance of acne on his forehead - a malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract. This means that you eat too much food, saturated fats and too little - a useful, rich in vitamins. Try to make your diet healthier, longer drink clean water, give up flour and too sweet, try not to eat fast food. Watch your skin for some time, perhaps, it will be very grateful to you.

Small pimples on the forehead are often the causes of, associated with taking antibiotics or general imbalance in the intestine. That is the main cause of the deviation is also in the work of the internal organs. Be sure to take the work of stabilizing the intestinal bifidobacteria while taking antibiotics, add to your diet dairy products. The appearance of small pimples can also be associated with oral contraceptives that affect your hormones. In this case it is better to consult a doctor to adjust medication.

Constantly appearing pimples on the forehead and may indicate deviations in the pancreas. If you see any accompanying unpleasant symptoms, be sure to consult a doctor.

Subcutaneous and purulent pimples on the forehead - causes

Subcutaneous or internal acne on the forehead often have external causes, that is related to skin care. The appearance of a rash may be facilitated by the use of poor quality cosmetics or makeup, is not suitable to your skin type . Consult a beautician or try replacing the line of care products.

If there are white or purulent acne on the forehead, the causes can be linked to improper care or a malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract. Often purulent pimples occur after the extrusion of conventional red pimples. After these actions microbes

Acne on the forehead - causes
fall into the neighboring pores and begin to act there. Repeated squeezing causes the infection gets deeper, the place becomes inflamed and you get a festering pimple.

If purulent acne is really bothering you frequent, regular occurrence or spread of a large area, use the advice of the doctor-cosmetician. Since the occurrence of purulent acne can be an indication of abnormality in the stomach, you may also be examined by a specialist, to prevent the internal reason.

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