Pigmentation on face - causes

Pigmentation on face - causes

Skin pigmentation - a fairly common reason that women resort to auxiliary activities. This problem is caused by the melanocytes. This so-called pigment cells capable painted in darker colors, as compared with the skin. This happens in different ways, but mostly - with pigment dysfunction of normal skin color.

The color pigment is dependent on genetics. That it involves a combination of different skin tones. These include:

  • melanin;
  • carotene;
  • oxyhemoglobin;
  • deoxyhemoglobin.

Skin color in humans is determined by the number of different pigments data.

Pigmentation skin - Causes

  1. Heredity - is the appearance of freckles, different spots, as determined by an increased amount of melanin. If the pigment appears as a white color, it is a sign of a small amount of melanin in the blood or even its absence. An example of this would be the birth of a child in the dark light of parents.
  2. External exposure to ultraviolet light, bitter cold, heat. For example, ultraviolet light significantly affects skin pigmentation, in frequent cases, manifested as moles new dark spots. This is due to the fact that during UV exposure activates the melanin and it should be the over-allotment. Thereafter, the skin becomes darker than the other parts of the body. Such exposure can result in significant skin lightening in the future.

Causes severe pigmentation on the face

These include:

  1. Wrong skin care. That is, poor-quality cosmetics and not enough hydration face, as well as abuse addictions. You need to nourish the skin creams, fruit and milk masks that fully leads to the strengthening of the skin cells and the regular development of the necessary pigments.
  2. Permanent vitamin deficiency. Lack of vitamins in the body leads to serious violations. In particular, the lack of vitamin C , A, PP, folic acid, and many other elements that could enhance melanogenesis. In the process the outer skin lightening is important to apply internal and auxiliary products. This can be ingested magnesium, zinc, iron, copper, and trace elements. Such an integrated approach to the cause of pigmentation will help normalize the synthesis of the pigment.
  3. Pregnancy. This condition also applies to the causes of pigmentation on the face. During this interesting situation occurs female full hormonal failure, which may lead to the manifestation of the face characteristic dark spots . These spots are called chloasma. In most cases, this pigmentation is shown on the forehead, cheeks, lips near. Therefore, we can confidently say that the most likely cause of pigmentation on the forehead - a pregnancy.
  4. Age-related changes in the body. With increasing age, the skin becomes more sensitive to UV exposure. Therefore, after 40 years, especially during menopause, women should be less in the sun.
  5. Skin reaction to a variety of beauty products in the salons. This happens often enough after peeling, which may not be right for your skin type, as well as after some phototherapy.
    Pigmentation on face - causes
    Such procedures are quite effective as a skin-care, but they can, nevertheless, cause harm exchange pigment.
  6. The presence of chronic diseases of the liver, pancreas, gastrointestinal tract and breach of work.

Causes of pigmentation under the eyes, on the forehead, cheeks, and all other parts of the face, as well as throughout the body - this is our overall health. Therefore, after the first manifestation of functional disorders of the skin it is necessary to take measures for treating or security, that this does not happen again. Thus, do not give reason to spread more and more.

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