Freckles on the face

Freckles on the face

Blue-eyed, blond or red people are often the owners of "kissing the sun" - so called in childhood freckles. But if the girl with freckles bows-to-face, a young woman, they can deliver a lot of trouble. A small number of these spots on the skin gives the image of the beauty of each special charm, but when too many freckles, it makes sense to think about lightening.

What are freckles?

Solar marks on the skin, called scientifically efelidami, are yellow or light brown spots with a grain size and first appear in childhood (6 - 10 years). Especially noticeable freckles are in a period of increased solar activity - in the spring and summer. In autumn and winter, they become lighter or disappear altogether. Place localization - open sun skin: shoulders, arms, neck area, face. Spots does not rise above the skin and its color they have to accumulation of melanin pigment in the upper layer of the epidermis.

Why freckles?

Causes of freckles on his face and body are associated with a genetic predisposition. In terms of dermatology, efelidy - a hereditary disease transmitted in an autosomal dominant manner. In rare cases, freckles are alarming bell that signals:

  • hormonal failure (often during pregnancy);
  • problems with the kidneys and the bile ducts;
  • stress.

If as a child you did not have "kisses of the sun", but in adulthood they suddenly appeared, should consult with a physician.

How to clean the face of freckles?

There are many ways to lighten freckles. Here are some of them:

  1. In a glass of cold water put a few slices of lemon, the ceiling of a spoon. Receipt of funds, wipe face in the morning.
  2. Parsley grind a knife or a blender, pour 2 teaspoons of the mix cup of boiling water. When the tool has cooled, it is possible to wipe the face. It is appropriate to strain the infusion and freeze as ice cubes, which in the morning wipe the face effectively.
  3. Lighter freckles on the face, usually helps the juice of fresh cucumber, blackcurrant and grapefruit. Concentrated product rubbed pigmented skin.
  4. The mild whitening effect give dairy products - yogurt, mare's milk, yogurt. Masks of them - a real lifesaver if a lot of freckles on her face.
  5. A proven tool for clarifying efelid a cucumber lotion. It is still possible to get a pharmacy or shop, but it is better to prepare yourself. You will need two fresh cucumber and vodka (200 ml). Vegetables cut into slices, put in a bottle, pour vodka and leave to infuse for 10 - 14 days in a dark closet. Ready lotion filtered, diluted with water at a ratio of 1:10. For the treatment of freckles on the face of this means you need to wipe the skin morning and evening.

Removal of freckles in the cabin

How to get rid of freckles on his face know beauticians. To cleanse the skin, they offer:

  1. Peeling - the top layer of skin is removed by the action of special acids;
  2. Polishing - freckles, together with the surface layer of the epidermis are removed using erbium and alexandrite laser.
  3. Kvartsevanie - after a course of procedures observed exfoliation of pigmented cells.
  4. Lotions - lighten freckles due to the action of special composition (eg, a mixture of fresh-water sponge, salicyl alcohol, white mercury ointment and phenol solution), promotes peeling of the upper skin cells.

How to protect the face of freckles?

For people who are predisposed to the appearance of efelid, it is imperative to observe the following preventive measures:

  1. Freckles on the face
  2. During the period of solar activity to wear a hat or cap that hides his face from direct exposure to radiation.
  3. Apply on face and exposed skin cream , the degree of protection is SPF 15 - 30. Do not buy cheap tools.
  4. Before the advent of spring add to the diet of foods rich in vitamin C and niacin (PP) - citrus fruits, onions, sauerkraut, meat, chicken, buckwheat.

But always remember that freckles give zest to your appearance. Be proud of it.

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