Whiteheads on face - causes

Whiteheads on face - causes

Whiteheads on face - unpleasant formation which may appear suddenly, and from the appearance of which no one is immune. White subcutaneous acne on the face or whitehead is a seal of white color, with no signs of inflammation (as in conventional pimple).

Causes of whiteheads on face

The reasons for the appearance of whiteheads is the set. These include hormonal changes, lack of skin care or maintenance, inappropriate skin type. A possible cause could be the appearance of excessive dryness of the skin, or alternatively, the fat content expressed. Improper skin cleansing, comedogenic cosmetics - all factors that affect the appearance of whiteheads.

However, in addition to the reasons, it is necessary to understand the mechanism of their appearance. White acne on the face - it is nothing like a closed pore, in which accumulated subcutaneous fat, dead skin particles, sweat. Since the time to shut down, all of these substances can not escape and become clogged, presenting a white or yellowish seal on the face of a small size.

Treatment of whiteheads on face

For the treatment of whiteheads better contact to the salon, where not only cleanse your skin, but also give advice on the proper care and cosmetics.

Preventing the appearance of whiteheads - right regular skin care. Do not forget to clean the skin every day, to cleanse the pores, use products containing salicylic acid. After cleansing, use a toner to remove any remaining impurities and normalizing skin pH-level.

Do not forget to spend a week exfoliation of dead skin particles with a mild scrub. Do not give up on moisturizers, even if you have oily skin. In order to thoroughly clean the pores and make a steam bath for the face about once a week.

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