Sunblock for face

Sunblock for face

Sunblock - a necessary tool in the beautician every girl who care about their appearance and maintaining youthful skin. Face cream against sunburn is needed in the summer and when you go on a trip to warmer climates, even if you do not plan a long time lying on the beach. The fact that the thin skin of the face most exposed to sunlight, and therefore, redness, burns , dryness, flaking.

To prevent these and other negative effects of the sun, and if your skin is light, and prone to the appearance of freckles , choose a sunscreen is the strongest. Determine the factor of protection will help mark SPF (sun protector factor), which is in any tube of sunscreen. The biggest factor is the protection of SPF 50 and 60.

This cream, Research, capable of preventing exposure 98% of the solar radiation.

The choice of a cream

Today in cosmetic stores are a lot of remedies for sunburn. Sunblock for face, you can select the average price category brands such as Nivea, Garnier, Oriflame, Avon, Lumene, YvesRosher et al. Cheaper brands are cream Floresun, Eveline, NaturaSiberica. Premium segment comprises kremamiVichy, LaRochePosay, Clinique etal.

Sunblock for face

Sunblock different segments differ in their composition. More expensive grades have usually lightweight structure as well as the chemical and physical filters in their composition. Cheaper options are only the chemical filters in their composition absent plant components, has beneficial effects on the skin. According to some reviews, cheap facial creams can leave feeling greasy film.

However, even the price can not guarantee susceptibility cream your skin. Allergies to sunscreen manifested as swelling of eyes, itching, peeling skin. When such symptoms is best to immediately stop the use of this cream. Before using, make sure also that the term of validity of a cream from sunburn has not yet expired. Most often, cream, bought last season, is no longer suitable, since the average term of its use - 1 year.

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