How to get rid of post-acne?

How to get rid of post-acne?

The fact that a post-acne on his face, he knows a lot of girls and women. After all, many of those who have finally got rid of the inflammation and acne on the face, "reap the fruits" of improper skin care and acne treatment unskilled. The consequences of this - the scars, bumps, large pores, redness, dark spots, which is a symptom of post-acne.

Treatment of post-acne at home

With these defects on the face, a woman can not feel entirely comfortable, and the question of how to get rid of post-acne, comes to the fore. More often than not, in self-treatment of post-acne resort to various shops and pharmacy medical and cosmetic equipment. However, you should know that, no matter how assured manufacturers to quickly get rid of post-acne does not work, especially in severe, advanced. It is necessary to tune in to a long process and to address on a daily basis.

In addition to funds, commercially available (scrubs, lotions, creams, masks), you can use folk remedies for post-acne. Here are the most common ones:

  • bodyaga;
  • medical clay;
  • ground coffee;
  • lemon juice;
  • Apple vinegar;
  • essential oils (tea tree, lavender, rosemary, etc.).

Treatment of post-acne cosmetologist

If home treatment has no effect, you can seek help from a beautician. As a general rule, to remove post-acne in clinical settings is possible by means of the complex procedures, which may include the following methods:

  • peeling ;
  • dermabrasion;
  • mesotherapy;
  • darsonval;
  • fotolechenie;
  • cryosurgery;
  • electrocoagulation.

Another method, which stands out separately, - laser correction of post-acne. The laser can be to get rid of scars, hyperpigmentation, even out skin relief. This device allows high-precision work on the affected area without affecting healthy skin.

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