Rejuvenating facial massage

Rejuvenating facial massage

With the advent of wrinkles woman's life is filled with the search for the very magic cream that will remove the signs of aging and prolong youth. But do not forget - beauty products give only a superficial, so little effect. More effective is a rejuvenating facial massage, which not only tightens the skin, and muscle. Just a few simple movements, five minutes of solitude before a mirror and a desire not to grow old - that's all it will take.

Classic rejuvenating massage

Traditionally, anti-aging massage involves the following exercises.

  1. In the area around the mouth corners to put four fingers left and right hands on both sides, respectively. spiral motions are moving to the outer corners of eyes. Exercise repeat in the opposite direction.
  2. We do the same thing, moving from the corners of the mouth to the ear lobes.
  3. These movements are performed by massaging the middle of the forehead and moving towards temples. Repeat in the opposite direction.
  4. Movements from the bottom up (not vice versa!) Stretch the skin.
  5. Close the ears with his hands, then rub them with your fingers poschiplite lobe.
  6. Closing exercise - tapping fingertips. This "fingerling" rain makes all over his face.

Warning: Making a rejuvenating massage, you can not use force faces. Movements should be soft and smooth. The effect of the procedure is shown only when it is repeated everyday.

Japanese rejuvenating face massage

Everyone knows the beauty of "ageless" Oriental people. The reason is not so much a genetic predisposition, as systematic and comprehensive self-care. For Japanese women, for example, a facial massage - this is a mandatory daily procedure as brushing your teeth.

Now very popular Japanese self-massage ZOGAN (literally translated as "the creation of persons"). Once this technique is called massage Asahi. Some beauty salons actively offer such procedures, but the prefix "self" speaks eloquently of the fact that Japanese massage designed to rejuvenate the face at home and done it without any help.

Features a Japanese massage

Conventionally, all the exercises Asahi can be classified as:

  • Lymphatic massage - normalizes the lymphatic flow, improves the nutrition of tissues, stimulates the elimination of toxins and excess fluid;
  • rejuvenating facial muscles - relaxes the muscles, has a positive effect on blood vessels and skin.

ZOGAN massage technique is very different from the European one. For example, wishing to rejuvenate the skin around the eyes, usually use a scheme:

  • upper eyelid - a circular motion from the inner corner to the outer;
  • lower eyelid - from the outer to the inner corner.
Rejuvenating facial massage

Japanese technique in both cases involves movement from the inner to the outer corner of the eye.

How do Japanese massage?

The essence of the technique - stroking the skin in the course of the location of the lymph nodes. Movement should be smooth and gentle power of only hurt.

Before the procedure, it is important to thoroughly clean the face. For a rejuvenating massage, you can use the usual cosmetic milk. If desired, you can cook oatmeal lotion - flakes "Hercules" to tie the knot in gauze, wet. During the procedure knot pressing into the palm, and the resulting liquid to massage.

This Japanese massage is contraindicated?

Rejuvenating massage ZOGAN can not be done at:

  • ENT diseases;
  • inflammatory processes in the face;
  • feeling unwell;
  • diseases of the lymphatic system.

Women with very thin face massage should be performed less frequently and stick a specially developed technique. Its author - now deceased Yukuko Tanaka, which popularized the Japanese rejuvenating face massage. Video of one of its workshops you can see right here - and he will learn the simple technique ZOGAN.

Before the procedure, it is essential to learn how to lymph nodes located on the face (see picture).

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