Black spots on the nose

Black spots on the nose

The problem of black dots on the nose is found not only among men but also among women. The black dots is not very noticeable, but they can be the cause of acne. And this, as we know, is not only unpleasant and ugly, but also lead to inflammation of the skin.

Medically speaking, it comedones, a kind of open plug in the pores of the skin, they are formed because of sebum body. Black comedones are due to particles of dirt, sebum and chapped skin. Under the influence of air, they become hard. Black spots on the nose - evidence that the flow of the sebaceous gland is clogged.

Causes of blackheads on nose

Black spots on the nose occur due to various reasons:

  1. Improper skin care. In order to choose the right tool for face contact to the beautician. Also do not forget to wash at night. This will reduce the occurrence of black spots on the nose several times.
  2. Improper diet. It is important to watch your diet. The use of oily, spicy, sweet foods, caffeine, and alcohol as a detrimental effect on the internal organs and the skin. These products clog the pores, which are a consequence of the black dots on the nose.
  3. Heredity. Unfortunately, if one of your parents previously complained about the problem, then you will also be expected "such a surprise" by nature. In connection with a genetic predisposition to deal with a similar phenomenon is very difficult.
  4. Ecological situation. On clogging pores affects not only your body, but also the environment. A huge influence humid climate and air pollution. The accumulation of dust and dirt on the skin causes clogging of pores and provokes.
  5. Stress. Deep black spots on the nose and face, as the doctors say, can occur in nervous disorders when changing the composition of sebum. Try to bring your emotional state to normal, apart from the problems and to normalize its state.

Treatment of blackheads on nose

Women all over the world want to be beautiful and young, and not the last place in their quest to take treatment of blackheads on your nose. The most effective method for removing blackheads on the nose and the face should be selected individually depending on the type of the skin.

Against the black spots on the nose effective, but, unfortunately, painful way is to extrude. This procedure offers beauty salons, but it can be done at home. Cleaning the nose of blackheads should in any case be carried out correctly, this steam out the face, be sure to disinfect your hands, so as not to carry infection, and at the end of the procedure, apply the special tonic.

A good effect has a mask on the basis of egg white and lemon. This homemade mask, which narrows the pores, very easy to do. To this end, whisk cold whites and add a few drops of lemon juice. Apply to face, let harden. After doing putting the mixture on your face 5-6 times,

Black spots on the nose
and when the "mask" froze, carefully tear off her behalf.

Mask based on milk and gelatin - this is a great and easy way to carry out the removal of blackheads on your nose at home. You need only 1h. l. milk, and the same gelatin. Put the mixture for 10 seconds in the microwave, then let it cool. The mask will look like a glue. , Apply it on your face and let harden To remove black points from the nose. After gently remove the film from the face.

Tragically, once and for all get rid of blackheads is impossible, but with proper care, regular use of masks or other means, your skin will always look attractive.

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