Jojoba oil for the face

Jojoba oil for the face

The essential oil, jojoba differs from other similar means of universal composition, which is suitable for the care of all types of skin. This causes its presence in most cosmetic procedures, and creams. Consider the use of jojoba oil in cosmetology and dermatology more detail.

Jojoba oil for aging skin

Jojoba oil helps with both the first wrinkle when applied in pure form and in caring oil enrichment means. The product inhibits the process of skin dehydration and cell death. This begins their regeneration, production of collagen and elastin.

An example of a mask with essential oils of jojoba:

  • 2 tablespoons jojoba oil mixed with 2 drops of patchouli oil;
  • mixture put on the face, his fingertips moving along the massage lines;
  • leave to maximum absorption, then remove surplus oil mixture with a cotton pad.

If deep wrinkles, these ingredients are added to the jojoba:

  • chamomile oil;
  • patchouli oil;
  • oil of sandalwood.

Essential oil of Jojoba for problem skin

It has such an action:

  • reduces inflammation;
  • It promotes the resorption of pus and infiltration;
  • prevents the appearance of new acne;
  • cleanses and tightens pores;
  • normalizes the production of sebum;
  • moisturizes irritated skin;
  • removes the signs of flaking;
  • It provides good nutrition.

The antiseptic properties of jojoba oil to help cope even with subcutaneous inflammation, because this product has a high penetration ability.

Applications of jojoba oil for acne:

  • dissolved in a tablespoon of jojoba oil, one drop of lavender oil and tea tree;
  • lubricate the problem areas of the skin;
  • soak a cotton ball or gauze small otrez mixture of oil and apply it on the oiled areas;
  • After 20 minutes remove the excess tissue applications;
  • procedure can do no more than 2 times per day.

Jojoba oil around the eyes

The skin around the eyes is very thin and sensitive. Therefore, due to constant stretching and corrosive effects of the environment, decorative cosmetics, it quickly becomes flabby and appears fine mesh of wrinkles. This means that not enough skin hydration and nutrition.

The easiest way to deal with the problem - enriching jojoba oil finished cream for the skin around the eyes. You can also do a light massage with pure oil, if it does not cause allergic reactions. In addition, it is recommended to cook yourself a vehicle with jojoba oil for a century:

  • Mix jojoba oil and avocado in equal proportions;
  • Add to base one drop of essential oils of fennel, rose, mint, sandalwood and limetta;
  • obtained composition to lubricate the skin around the eyes 2 times a day or in the evening, before bedtime.

This procedure will not only provide nutrition and hydration, but will smooth enough even deep wrinkles around the eyes to get rid of dark circles.

Jojoba oil for eyelashes

The quality of color cosmetics for the eyes is not always the best. Because of this, most suffer the lashes, they begin to fall out and become dull. Restore the beauty of eyelashes and make them thicker help their daily lubrication of jojoba oil. It is necessary to acquire a clean brush and every night, soaking it in oil, to hold the bristles from the middle to the tips of lashes.

Jojoba Lip

Jojoba oil for the face

The skin on the lips no less sensitive than the eye. She often weather-beaten, peeling and cracks, especially in winter. As a result, the lips can get sick, and even bleed. To prevent this, you need every day prodelyvat this procedure:

  • in 15 ml of jojoba oil add 2 drops of peppermint or lemon balm;
  • good mix of oil;
  • morning and evening generously lubricate the lips with a mixture of oils, you can do it with a soft toothbrush for a simultaneous massage and improve circulation.

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