Clean skin facial

Clean skin facial

Every woman wants to improve the condition of the skin on the face. At different ages, we are faced with various problems with the skin, but the meticulous care and respect to the person allows a woman to look good at any time. In this article we will talk about how to properly clean the face treatment -. It is an important stage in skin care, which in any case should not be neglected. A well-chosen tools to clean your face and the way - is the key to a flawless appearance of our skin.

How to clean your face?

There are several ways to do skin clean face. Depending on the condition of the skin on the face, you should choose the most appropriate way.

  1. Cleansing facial mask. Cleansing mask can be used at home and in the salon. The main advantages of these funds - is ease of use and high performance. Many of the fair sex prefer to use domestic purifying facials prepared independently. Depending on what needs skin, as the basis for the mask can be used: honey, coffee, and various vegetables. The mask allows you to clean the face of blackheads and make the complexion lighter.
  2. Mechanical cleaning of the face. This method is usually used in beauty salons. Mechanical cleaning is a massage using tools that remove dead skin cells. Cleaning can be manual or by using rotating brushes. After this procedure, a beautician applies cleansing milk or gel for the face - it allows you to soothe the skin and remove dead cells completely.
  3. Facial cleansing using ultrasound. This method allows you to clean the skin of blackheads and acne, as well as rejuvenate it. The procedure is as follows: on a clean face smeared with a special tool, which under the influence of ultrasound accelerates the regeneration of the upper layer of the epidermis cells and removes dead cells. Cleaning ultrasonic person is only in the beauty salon or a medical facility.

How to clean your face of acne?

This issue is relevant not only for teenagers, but also for adult women. Fighting acne can be both at home and in the salon. The home should be more careful to take care of skin. In the first place, should be used for facial cleansers. Such agents include various creams, lotions and gels. The operating principle of cleansers for the face: exfoliate dead skin cells and reduce inflammation.

Cleansing lotion or cream can be purchased either at the pharmacy or in a beauty shop. When choosing a need to consider the type of skin: dry, mixed or oily. That is, depending on the skin type, should buy cleansers for the face. Otherwise, the wrong means can only exacerbate the problem and worsen the skin condition.

Clean skin facial

How to clean the face of blackheads?

It is known that acne - is blocked and inflamed pores. To get rid of acne, primarily necessary to expand the pores and then - cleaned. Cleaning can be done at home or cabin. The best tool is considered to be a steam bath for the face - warm steam expands the pores and allows the skin to breathe. When the pores are expanded, you can begin to clean itself. To get rid of acne is also using mechanical cleaning, peeling or cleansing mask. Using these techniques, you will gain not only clean, but also a healthy and well-groomed skin.

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