White spots on the face

White spots on the face

The appearance of lesions and any other defects on the face darkens especially women, causing at least psychological discomfort. This applies to the appearance of white spots on the face. As a rule, they are skin, devoid of the pigment melanin, which is responsible for the special skin cells - melanocytes. Due to the destruction of melanocytes or pigment disorders of their functioning is not produced, so in these areas, the skin turns white and does not tan.

Why the face appear white pigment spots?

Here are the most common causes of white spots on the face.


White spots are sometimes formed on the skin after acne convergence. Typically, these spots are white short-lived, soon they darken.

Progressive macular gipomelanoz

Large white spots that tend to increase, with fuzzy edges that do not tan may be the manifestation of a disease as a progressive macular gipomelanoz. This anomaly is associated with a decrease in melanin, similar to the children's white ringworm is not dangerous. It is believed that the development of this type gipomelanoza connected with the activity of certain bacteria living on the skin and producing chemicals, bleaching it.

Nevus Sutton

If the middle of the white spots on the face has emerged pigmented nevi as a towering brown nodule, then such education is called nevus Sutton. In some cases, its formation may precede skin depigmentation not strong redness. One of the main causal factors - excessive dose of UV irradiation of the skin, sunburn. Nevus Sutton in almost all cases, gradually disappear on their own. However, it should be borne in mind that sometimes the appearance of the nevus occurs before the development of vitiligo.


Frequent cause of rounded white spots of various sizes, related to violation of skin pigmentation. It is still unknown why develop this pathology, and how to prevent it. It is believed that it may be associated with frequent stress, exposure to chemical substances, chronic infections, and others. However, no subjective sensations Vitiligo does not cause, but is only a cosmetic defect. Some spots may suddenly disappear spontaneously.

Idiopathic guttate gipomelanoz

Small white spots on the face, appearing after sunburn, may be the result of idiopathic guttate gipomelanoza. This pathology is associated with a decrease in melanin production, as occurs for unknown reasons. At the same time there are white spots do not disappear and are almost impossible to eliminate.


This disease can be an explanation of the emergence of white scaly patches. The skin in the affected areas with thickened, covered with a peelable scales. Psoriasis - a chronic relapsing disease that is prone to progression, especially if left untreated. The reasons it is not known.


Small white scaly patches are also a symptom of tinea versicolor. The appearance of such stripping caused by microscopic yeast-fungus that produces substances that prevent the formation of melanin in the skin. It is believed that the disease is due to genetic factors, immunity decrease, the influence of the moist warm environment.

Skin cancer

Dangerous disease in which white spots appear, is a melanoma , as well as

White spots on the face
other varieties of skin cancer. About malignant nature of such entities can be said to symptoms such as itching, pain, rapid increase in size, the appearance of pronounced vascular mesh on the spot.

How to remove white spots on your face?

Since the causes of white spots on your face a lot, and how to solve them as there are many. However, any treatment should be carried out only after an accurate diagnosis, which is necessary to consult a dermatologist. Before the visit to the doctor is not recommended to use any folk remedies and cosmetics from the white spots on the face, as well as sunbathing.

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