Small pimples on the face

Small pimples on the face

Even in adolescence, most women are not just faced with such a problem as the formation of fine red and white pimples on the face. And not always such lesions were in vain. And to make matters worse, in many cases, the problem remains unresolved for many years. What is advised to be done by professionals, if the person is covered with small red or white pimples, and most importantly, what caused this?

Causes of small pimples on the face

  1. Small white pimples on the face in the majority of cases are closed comedones. They are formed due to blockage of the sebaceous glands and accumulation of sebum in the deep layers of the skin. Bacteria sebaceous glands, multiply, leading to inflammation, thereby affected and surrounding tissue. In such cases, often remain on the skin scarring. The reason may be a variety of lesions of the disease without any treatment which cosmetic products produce only a temporary effect, or does not have a desired action. Only if the rash reason lies in the wrong skin care is possible to rectify the situation by means of cosmetic preparations.
  2. Whitehead - is another kind of small white pimples on the face and body. The process of their formation is the same as comedones, but are not whitehead inflammatory elements, and can be easily removed in a beauty shop. Outside whitehead looks like a small, dense white ball.
  3. Small red pimples on the face in many cases are a sign of allergic reactions and can also be a consequence of inflammatory processes. A lot of small pimples on the face, especially the cheeks often appear in diathesis and gastric diseases.
  4. Small watery pimples on the face may indicate an infection, an allergic reaction, as well as be a sign disgidroticheskoy eczema. Contact dermatitis, which occurs when an allergic reaction to a specific external stimulus, as can be shown in the form of watery rash, and the exclusion of contact with an irritant rash pass. With the sudden appearance of rash for no apparent reason, especially if small watery itchy pimples on the face, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist to rule out infectious diseases.
  5. The cause of a variety of lesions may be inflammatory processes in the body, such as chronic tonsillitis, or inflammation of the reproductive system.
  6. Parasites often lead to the appearance of pimples on the skin, as well as cause a variety of internal diseases, while often difficult to diagnose, which negatively affects the outcome of treatment.
  7. The overabundance or a lack of vitamins leads to the formation of small pimples. Often, the cause becomes the use of sweet, flour, fried, fatty, spicy foods, coffee and alcohol abuse, bad habits.
  8. The reason for the different lesions can be a strep infection, dermatitis, demodicosis, molluscum contagiosum, and other skin diseases.

Treatment of small pimples on the face

If your face appeared small pimples, it is necessary to make a diagnosis to identify the underlying causes. Therefore it is recommended to visit the following specialists:

  • . Specialist beautician will solve the problem quickly, if the reason lies in the wrong care or direct for further diagnosis;
  • dermatologist. When skin diseases specialist will conduct the necessary tests and prescribe treatment. When internal problems, based on their experience, the dermatologist will send the survey to the right person;
  • . allergist After the necessary tests and investigate the nature of lesions, it will be possible to discover the causes of the rash if they are embedded in an allergic reaction to contact with any substance or product;
  • . If the gynecologist and endocrinologist formation of acne the reason lies in hormonal disorders, the experts identify and eliminate the disease;
  • gastroenterologist Problems with the digestive tract -. One of the common causes of skin problems. In addition, many gastrointestinal diseases can develop for years without pronounced symptoms, occasionally causing acne, and worst of all, taking the form intractable.

The following recommendations are not to be redundant, for the treatment and prevention of pimples:

Small pimples on the face
  • to treat skin, choose quality treatments that are suitable for your skin type and the corresponding age features;
  • Do not use alcohol-based skin care products. For oily skin, they have temporarily dried and antibacterial effect, but eventually lead to increased activity of the sebaceous glands. Alcohol and alcohol lotions used only locally to prevent infection;
  • Power correction and purgation in many cases, lead to the disappearance of lesions and the elimination of other cosmetic defects;
  • the tendency to the formation of comedones should eliminate the use of comedogenic cosmetics which causes clogging of the pores.

For the removal of small pimples on the face should begin to identify causes immediately. This will save both time and money, and to prevent the emergence of more serious problems.

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