Peeling face at home

Peeling face at home

Peeling face - is an important component of high-grade skin care products. With peeling our skin is cleaned, it is removed from dead cells, transforming her appearance. This procedure may be used in a beauty salon, or at home. Since the majority of the fair sex can not always find time to visit a beautician, facial peels at home - it's a great outlet for them.

During the facial peel treatments at home, you can use a ready-made tool or cook it yourself. Buy a set of peeling face today is not a problem - many cosmetics manufacturers supply their products of this kind, even in supermarkets. When choosing a pharmacy or shop, the main thing - follow the manufacturer's reputation, money and staff, without fail, a shelf life.

Recipes skin peeling at home

Peeling is done with special scrubs that produce exfoliation, improve skin tone and open the pores of the skin. At home, in most cases, used peeling acids such as fruit, salicylic, glycolic, and others. We offer you some recipes /

  1. Fruit peels at home. It is known that many fruits have a cleansing and rejuvenating effect on our skin. The fruit composition includes biologically active substances which are easily and effectively remove dead skin cells. For the fruit peel at home is necessary to prepare a cleansing scrub. For this need: 100 grams of the pulp of pineapple, 100 grams of papaya pulp, 1 tablespoon honey. Of the fruit pulp is necessary to squeeze the juice, add the honey, mix thoroughly and apply the mixture on the skin. After 5 minutes, rinse with cold water. Before you make a fruit peeling face at home, it is advisable to make sure that the fruits do not cause skin allergies.
  2. Glycol (deep) peels at home. Until recently, glycolic peeling was conducted mainly in beauty salons. As of today, the fair sex can acquire funds from glycolic acid, and an in-depth peeling glycolic home facial. This type of peel is mainly used in the spring - when our skin is the most weakened and deprived of vitamins. To apply glycolic acid peel that is gentle on the skin, restores its freshness and natural color. Glycolic acid as a mask or scrub should be applied to clean skin for 3-5 minutes, avoiding the eyes and lips. skin burning sensation after glycolic peel - it is a normal reaction of the body. To avoid irritation, it is recommended not to be exposed to direct sunlight after the peel and do not use other means to the skin for 1-2 hours. Glycolic acid peels at home is not recommended in the presence of acne, inflammation and wounds on his face.
  3. Salicylic peels at home salicylic acid peeling in the home -. Sparing procedure is as active acid substance does not penetrate deep into the skin and does not inflame it. This procedure used a 15% solution of salicylic acid. This means normalizes the sebaceous glands, improves complexion, cleanses the skin from dead cells and eliminates a woman from acne. The tool should be applied on the skin for 3-5 minutes, then lubricate the face with a fat cream.
  4. Enzyme Peeling at home The method -. Use cosmetic scrubs containing enzymes enzymes, which dissolve and remove dead skin cells. The tool can be used for face, neck and dcollet. Exfoliation should be applied for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with plenty of water. The main contraindication for enzyme peeling in the home - and the presence of acne lesions on the skin.
  5. Retinoic peeling in the home. The structure of the means for peeling
    Peeling face at home
    includes retinoic acid, which is in contact with the skin improves the structure, levels and it gets rid of age spots. For maximum effect, the tool should be applied on 1 day a week for 30 minutes for 1.5 months.

Before you make a face peel at home, make sure that the condition of the skin and general health allows it. Any peeling acid is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation. If you have any skin conditions before you apply any funds should consult with a specialist. For example, the yellow peel (in the scrub consists of 5 potent acids), can lead to serious problems if you are hypersensitive to any of the components.

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