Tibetan diet

Tibetan diet

We all have heard about the wisdom of Tibetan monks and Tibetan medicine. Some people, faced with the Tibetan medicine use certain techniques in daily life, as once were satisfied with the result.

There is a special Tibetan science of health. Tibetans believe that almost all ailments and diseases are due to malnutrition. And they can be cured of proper nutrition, without the use of medication. This science defines what products can harm health, and which will contribute to its improvement. Since each person is different, and the products have their own personality and compatibility. For example, people who have moved from one continent to another, may be faced with the problem of incompatibility between products, or challenge the power supply system, characteristic for this habitat area. Locals eat in its power system, using native products without problems, and the tourists national dishes of a foreign country may cause discomfort. And refer to products should be primarily in terms of utility, not taste.

Malnutrition can cause a variety of diseases, and the right to renew the health respectively. Also, health problems can arise due to lack of power supply caused by the different diets or excessive power in the case of overeating. And, of course, incompatible products, ie the use of products, the combination of which gives a negative effect.

Menu Tibetan diet

Tibetan medicine for many years engaged in the problem of power, and this is what the Tibetan monks offer us - in front of you approximate the Tibetan diet menu.

days Breakfast Dinner Dinner
1 Milk (300g), a cracker Cooked beans (150 g), fresh vegetable salad (200 g), orange Cabbage salad with lemon juice (250 g), fresh fruit (150 g), mineral water (300 g)
2 Mineral water (300 g), apple Boiled fish (200 g), fruit salad (200 g), orange Fried zucchini (250 g), tomatoes (3 pcs.), A piece of bread, tomato juice (300 g)
3 Milk (300 g), crackers (2 pcs.) Boiled Beans (200 g), vegetable salad with olive oil (200 g) Boiled beet (200 g), apple (2 pcs.), Orange, slice of bread, tomato, tomato juice (300 g)
4 Mineral water (300 g), bread roll Boiled fish (200 grams), vegetable salad (200 g), apple juice (300 g) Boiled beans (200 g), raw grated carrots with vegetable oil (200 g), tea without sugar.
5 Milk (300g), bread roll Salad of red cabbage with lemon juice (200 g), yogurt (300 g), oranges (2 pcs.) Boiled fish (200 grams), fried eggplant (200 g), mineral water (300 g), a slice of bread
6 Apple juice (300 g), orange Cabbage salad with lemon juice (250 g), salad with tomato, bell pepper and onions (200 g), mineral water (300 g) Hard cheese (150 g), crackers (2 pcs.), Strawberry (100 g), milk (300 g)
7 Milk (300 g), crackers (2 pcs.) Boiled fish (200 grams), vegetable salad (200 g), apple juice (300 g) Boiled beans (200 g), cheese (100 g), fresh fruits (250 g), mineral water (300 g)

As you can see, the Tibetan diet diet excludes all meat dishes. The food has to be carefully and slowly perezhёvyvaya. The duration of the diet exactly one week, for which you can lose a few kilograms overweight.

Good luck in the war against overweight!

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