The German diet

The German diet

The German diet is designed for 7 weeks, and is one of the longest. During this time, thanks to the German diet, you can get rid of excess weight 16-18 kg. With each subsequent week should consume less and less calories. Every Monday of the seven weeks of the German diet is the toughest - the day is only allowed to drink water. Major products included in the diet of the German diet - fruits, low fat dairy products and vegetables. Reviews of the German diet most diverse - both positive and negative, but it is undeniable advantages:

  • significant weight loss;
  • transition to proper nutrition;
  • no excessive appetite after the diet.


  • duration;
  • rigidity.

Menu German diet

The first week is the most easy, since only need to hold on Monday on the same water, and the remaining 6 days, you can eat the usual way.

Menu of the second week of the German diet is as follows: - Monday you drink only water, on Tuesday only eat oranges or grapefruit (up to 2 kg per day), and the other days eat as usual.

By the third week added another fasting day. On Monday, once you drink only water, Tuesday eat grapefruits or oranges, and in the medium can have only apples (up to 2 kg per day). The rest of the 4 days you stick to your usual diet.

The first 3 days of the fourth week repeated the third week, but on Thursday the fourth week you can drink only freshly squeezed vegetable or fruit juices. The last three days of the week you eat as usual.

Fifth week of the menu repeats the fourth menu. The difference is that only the low-fat yogurt drink can Friday.

By the sixth week of the German diet added another fasting day. Stick mode the fifth week of power, but only eat pineapple on the sixth day. On Sunday, you can eat whatever you want.

Last, the seventh week is different from the sixth only because on Sunday you drink only water.

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