Tatiana Rybakova: diet

Tatiana Rybakova: diet

Tatiana Rybakov - an ordinary girl who became famous due to the fact that just a few years, she got rid of 54 kg of excess weight. You want to say that it is simply impossible, let's get together on this issue. Tatiana Rybakova method is very simple and does not require fasting or any special restrictions. It is very important to have the motivation and then you will move forward no matter what. Tatiana Rybakova method is that you need to adjust your diet and exercise regularly. Consider the main conditions that shape the daily meals Tatiana Rybakova:

  1. Every day you need to eat at least 4-5 times a day. A portion should be small.
  2. Last time you have to eat 4 hours but sleep. During this time, the food does not digest and turn into fat. Therefore, the fact that you can not eat after 6 hours - not true.
  3. It is important to calculate the number of products that you have to eat every day. Diet Tatiana Rybakova based on the fact that the girl during main meals consume up to 400 calories and snacks make up no more than 100 calories. So think in advance what you will eat at work and take it with you from home.

Diet Menu Tatiana Rybakova

Breakfast. It should consist of proteins. This may be, for example, egg and oatmeal.

Overshot. Eat some fruit: an apple or grapefruit . So you can eat egg whites or nuts.

Lunch. It should consist of complex carbohydrates. This can be buckwheat and chicken (breast).

Overshot. Eat some fruit.

Dinner. Before going to bed is best to eat any vegetables and fish.

In general, weight loss Tatiana Rybakova based on proper nutrition. As for exercise, it is sufficient for about 3 times a week, go to the gym, jogging, cycling and swimming pool. With regard to such a popular green coffee, Tatiana Rybakova recommends replacing this green tea.

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